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Jane Lee

light weight counter culture

About Me

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Electralane Beirut Deerhoof Liz Phair Magnetic Fields Arcade Fire TV on the Radio Neutral Milk Hotel Elliot Smith Shannon Wright the Sea and Cake the innocence mission old Modest Mouse Lisa Germano katell Keinig the Papercuts Okerrvil River the Aisler's Set 1st album the Smiths Tartufi Stereo Total before they went platnium Animal Collective the Sundays the Evens the Microphones Yo La Tengo GBV / Robert Pollard bright grey wing plan to pink

Favorite Albums

alien lanes (GBV) fakebook (YLT) the fawn (the sea and cake) reading, writing, arithmetic (the sundays) westward onward (tartufi) kill rock stars (elliot smith) my melody (stereo total) the stars are insane (versus) on golden street (the minders)

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Hey Jane. I've just got the November Mix back in the post that I sent you as not a deliverable address - I've double checked it and it matches what you have on your profile. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I can try sending it it again... (You have different address formats over there in the states compared to the UK but it looks like the same style of addresses I normally get) Hmmms


Hi Jane: I just go the September MIX I sent you back in the mail with a notice from the postal service that the address was unknown. I checked the address and it's the one listed on my assignment. I'll resend this week, but I wanted you to know what was up. -- Mike


Hey, Jane! I believe I owe you a september imp mix. it's in the mail! i just started grad school and i got a little crazed. sorry for the delay.

It's coming...


Hi Jane Yes, I'm 'the' Simon that has you as a February assignment. I sent the mix a couple of times to your address - has it still not turned up? If not, could you give me a different address to try? Really, it'll be worth the wait ;) Simon


Excellent, excellent tastes. :)


I got the mix, thanks. tons-0 obscure bands! Shweet!



Hi, I'm sending a tape to Robert Evans in the united kingdom for my March assignment. So I guess it's another Doug Winter...? Gosh that's weird.