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About Me

I like music that I've never heard before. I travel a lot, and always pick up a CD or 7 wherever I go. I like fun music. Soundtracks to movies, showtunes, depressing my girlfriend just broke up with me music, new country, jungle, house, old school hip hop, Hebrew music, Hindi music, Spanish music, African Tribal music, Jazz, Big Band, Lounge, raunchy porntrack music.. really there is very little I don't like. Can't really do the heavy metal or very hard rock stuff. It makes my head hurt, but besides that I'm open to just about anything that is pleasing to the ear. I also happen to like male singers over female singers generally.

Favorite Songs

Comfortable - John Mayer Knights in White Satin - The Moody Blues, American Pie - Don McLean, Scratch - Kendal Payne, Goodbye my Lover - James Blunt,

Favorite Artists

James Taylor, Cat Stevens, John Mayer, James Blunt, Counting Crows, Barenaked Ladies, Subliminal & The Shadow (TACT), Idan Raichel, Simon & Garfunkel, Eryka Badu, Portishead, Sublime, Toby Keith, Billy Joel, Coldplay, Bob Marley, and much much more..

Favorite Albums

Gordon - Barenaked Ladies, The Carnival - Wyclef Jean, Bacchus - a compilation of lounge music from a wine bar in San Francisco, Etno Tronics: Apu Sessions - Miki Gonzales, TACT All Stars - Subliminal, Baduism - Erykah Badu

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Peace Love Freedom

An album filled with songs about peace, freedom, love, war, and people.

Would a little variety kill ya?

Random Electronic/Trance/Da n ce music. Definitely a mix that'll make you move!

To Riad - Songs that remind me of you - Love Jodi

My best friend picked up and moved home to Australia. We spent many days and nights listening to music, these are the songs that most remind me of him.

Life Lesson #1

It's not what you know it's who you know.. I'm lucky enough to know some really amazing talented people! This mix is filled with music all done by people who are or have been in my life.


My most listened to songs of 2007


I've been working to try and perfect this mix tape for a few months now, and I think I'm finally close. It's a mix of some of my favourite songs from the 50's and the early 60's.


This mixtape will get you bobbin' your head and singing along!


You've never had so many girls!


You start off on a journey and end up travelling across the world, and across many genres.


The name says it all. Raspberi-Rock. The lighter side of rock. Tangy mixed with sweet. Fun mixed with serious. It has a little bit of everything.


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Hi Jody Im TrisMusically we have much in common.The only thing I dont like is gangsta rap. If you ever wanna do a side trade my email is I look forward ro hearing from you. if you want to get an idead of what I think and what I like feel free to visit my page! Rock on Trish


Hi Jodi, should have checked the comments page first - I saw your note about the IMP mix for December after dinging you via the red/green option button... no worries. Looking forward to some (maybe dance?) music from you in the next few weeks! ciao, Thomas


Hi, I was supposed to send in your November mix...a month ago. I have it ready and it'll be in the mail this week! Sorry for being so tardy!


Your mix has been posted, hope you like it


I got your mix and it was neat to hear songs collected for your best friend.


hey, your feb mix will be a tad late but will arrive. sorry for the delay. it's been a silly, busy old month.


Wanted to let you know that your mix is on the way... It got a late start but should be having fun on the plane as you read this. hope you enjoy it. J.


Nice mix, great packaging! no worries regarding time as music is appropriate almost whenever. looking forward to the tunes. happy listening in '08. warmest...


Your welcome! Woohoo!