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twentysix recovering phishhead non-believer scrabble addict soon to be married begging to be let into grad school disc golf lover road tripper

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my morning jacket poster children yo la tengo moe. phish yonder mountain string band joe henry the hiders flaming lips yo-yo ma jack johnson

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moe. andrew bird wilco the hiders


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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Sins

From Now On, Let's Start Couting At Zero

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Its on its way. I promise! Im currently 10 hours away from my house on vacation. haha!


hi. i am not sure what specific address is on file for me -- it should be: 110 taipei city zhongxiao E rd, sec. 5, #1-8, 9th Floor taiwan ROC that what you have?


That mix you sent me for March is bangarang. Thanks.


Hey Scott, I never heard a confirmation that you'd received my mix for February. I'd love to hear if you did, and what you thought of it ... it's pretty far from many of your preferences, and I do want to send things to people they will like. cheers, Radiogourmet


very nice. thanks.


Thanks so much for the mix! I love it! Great variety of stuff.


brilliant brilliant brilliant, thanQ so much, love the M.I.A track to death, great mix of styles, best mix i got yet! x


this mixtape is exactly what I was hoping for when I signed up for IMP. Great job! Loved it!