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press play for escapism.

About Me

blissout sessions / handwritten letters / navigation by way of headphones / secrets / ...

Favorite Songs

"kid for today" by boards of canada is one of them.

Favorite Artists

cocteau twins is among my personal elite.

Favorite Albums

"tri repetae" by ae is one of the many albums that experience unconditional replay in my musik-player.

Recent Concerts

necrophagist. blissful (in a deathy way of course).


Currently there are no blogs published.


the nostalgic lament of trespassers

two roamers trek across the globe in search of the perfect spot for an intimate day of rural-ness and a dreamy campfire. (navigated for lovely lord meatbreak)

the adventures of matthias the male mannequin

join matthias, as he escapes the terrible, bleak world of department store window display and ventures out into a technicolour new world. a world called joyous freedomland. (created for beautimous india- bound mz. aimee easter)


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I have a feeling that I would like your music - alot.. We should do a side trade.. warholpirie@hotmail.com


Hello! Very very conscious of not having done your special mix yet. it's going to involve a lot of equipment and be wholly immersive and quite an experience. if i get it right, which is partly why it's taken me soooooooo long - but I'm always thinking of it, waiting for the right time. Appetite whetted? Fingers crossed it doesn't take me too much longer. I just finished December's Not For Resale mix and thought you might like it. Here's the link to download it: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6h3r3v. Let the demo mayhem commence!!!!! happy holidays. MxBx


pele, i got back to the states last week. in the midst of my outrageous pile of mail was a mix from you about a male mannequin. until today, i hadn't a chance to listen to it, but i'm glad i waited so long. it's somehow very fitting. it makes perfect sense. i love it! and thank you. -aimee p.s. wanna trade mixes in the future?


Hey Peleki. yes, I am very slow with my summer special for you! I am sending you some stuff soon. Promise!


Hi Peleki, Any word on September's Mix? Thanks Rich


Peleki, Hi, thanks for the heads up... looking at your posted mixes, I'm looking forward to the disc, I'm hoping there will be a peleki track or two? Regards, Richard


Craziness - I got it yesterday! You never sent that on Saturday. I will give you more detail later, but for now, know that it is great. Thank you. MxBx


Morning squire - I was thinking about you the other day; thinking 'Damn, I haven't sent that mix yet!' Events have overrun me, but it's in my head waiting to come out and on to you. I plan on doing it next week if all goes to plan, which it may well not - I'm off to Thailand in a couple of weeks, so I really want to do it before then else it will be another month. Someone needs to hit the brakes on this time concept. I look forward to receiving yours. In the meantime, you can download August's Not For Resale mix: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4oj1m0 I think there'll be some stuff in there you'll like, for sure. MxBx


hey peleki, i got your comments just after i clicked the "no i have not received my mixtape" button. so you're being reported...sorry about that. i got reported myself. hopefully i'll get it soon. i'm looking forward to it! yours will be my first. oooooo.... aimee


You saw Necrophagist? How was that? Sounds good. Thanks for your message, I'll have to get working on the final touches of yours pretty soon - won't be for a couple of weeks though I'm afraid, as I'm getting married on the 20th and things are pretty hectic. I look forward to receiving yours in the post soon though!


Hey man. Thanks for your vote. Sure we can swap mixes. You've not given much away on your profile, so it should be interesting! Email me and we'll swap details: meatbreak@hotmail.co.uk. MxBx


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