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Jane Everyman

Whiskey and Diamonds

About Me

Drunk on love... and anything else I can find.

Hi. I used to be a sailor when I started this thing. But I'm not anymore. Now...well...lets just leave that to the imagination. I usually reside in the White Mountains and do all sorts of New Hampshire-y things. I'm currently traveling the world so...there's no telling where my mix will come from. I enjoy art, food, wine, sex...basically I'm Bacchus, if Bacchus was a girl and wrote using too many ellipses.

I like anything that involved cutting, pasting, list- making, compartmentalizing, and collaging. So I like this mixtape thing.

I'm not good at understanding the fundamental workings of this site, so, apologies if I don't answer your messages...if you're sending me any.

Everyman, Out.

Favorite Songs

Mostly the ones you haven't heard of yet...and the ones that make you want to shoot tequila, take your clothes off slow, and roll around on a dirty floor.

Favorite Artists

Chrysta Bell, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Dr. John, Treat Her Right, Morphine, The Rat Pack (all and most), The Tindersticks, Amy Whinehouse, Aretha, Extra Creepy Music, Slim Harper, Massive Attack, Reggae, Ben. E. King, Ali Farka Toure, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Alpha, Bjiork, Bob Dylan, Dub Step, Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, Marty Robbins, Joni Mitchell, Dick Dale, Monster Music, Moog Music,...all the good stuff. There are WAY too many artists I like. Now I'm angry I had to try to name them.

Favorite Albums

My mixtapes from all the special peoples.

Recent Concerts

San Diego Pops honours Star Wars.


An Amnesiac's Mix...Scary!!

2011-11-14 20:39:05


French Quarter VooDoo

An Amnesiac's Mix


Oh, you know, post Italy, crazy-for-you-blues.


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Cutting & pasting....? Morricone n that.... ? If you email me at I'll send you a drop box file. It's the soundtrack to this years US road trip... Taking pictures across the midwest. I put one mix out a year and being multitracked I think you might appreciate the editing and stuff that goes on in it. C


Side trade Jane?


So glad that you are loving Fever Ray.. She still remains a brilliant artist with such alluring and dark melodies.


r u still out there? drop me a line @


Fever Ray would suit you.


Where's my mix????


Hey, I asked for a side trade first mom!!!


np :-) would you like to do a side trade? got a couple mixes you might dig.....


got taken to the profile of my november assigment, and i saw you under 'comments'....if curiosity kills the cat, then i'm roadkill (lol).


I blush.


Good God; you've changed your appearance again, Orlando!!! How the hell does the UPS guy ever figure out which one is you? Shapeshifting notwithstanding (wow, thatsa' lotta letters...) are you up for a side trade Jackn'Jane Everyman?


I do like your wig. In fact, I find you're getting more attractive with every reincarnation.


Why clean living and lots of lying, of course. And pleading with people to side trade. That's how.


Silly Girl.


Yess keep this beautiful and ruddy complexion I get my head boiled in oil every morning and have a chemical peel every third Tuesday. Sometimes the Over Daemons just slap the sh!t outta me for no reason, for like 15 hours atta time. This is why I'm hot.


Yes, I thought it was so pithy; I had to say it twice.


I'm having a hard time thinking that's regulation flight gear.


I'm having a hard time thinking that's regulation flight gear.


Yo Jack you look pretty hot in that photo.