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About Me

koi bat nahi.

Favorite Songs

hindi version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUU, pagal billi, feelin' good, walking after midnight

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Recent Concerts

mute era at the turf club


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Music from the cities!

a bunch of tunes from minneapolis/st.paul, MN artists.

a lil girly


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Dear Aimee Some Rat Punk phished my email account.If you get weird emails from me well its NOT me!Snail mail to follow soon with new email!Trish


Hey Aimee, It's mixtapes like these that make me really appreciate the IMP. I simply don't know most of these bands and each song makes me rush to hear sound samples from other songs that they've also done. Excellent taste. Keep your ears open and have an excellent time in India. I hope you get to Chennai-Music City India. But leave the accordion here, yeah? Thanks. Steve


the mix was sent your way. i hope it reaches you before you peace out to india. take care.


I love your cover for the local tape!


it saddens me to know my mix has not met your embrace just yet. i will jot the address down (proper) and i will send another copy asap. sorry for the delay. cheers and good luck on your traveling next month. =)


greetings aimee (and accordion), i hope all is well. i have completed my assignment, i slave during the reaching the post office is a bit challenging. i will try to send it sometime within the next week, or early in the week thereafter. take care.


hello there aimee. how are you? i hope all is well. for my imp mix debut, i am slated to send a mix your way. it should take a week or two before it reaches your letterbox. take care! cheers, peleki. ps. give perry my best. =)