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"she's crafty"

About Me

i sew. i have run 4 marathons. i am a mommy. i play the saxophone. i am a twin. i love coffee. ilove color, design, creating and making things.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

JAZZ sonny stitt, charles mingus, cannonball adderley, way too many to list. bjork, janes addiction, psychedelic furs, cocteau twins, sigur rios, radiohead, the cars, the knife, bowie, beastie boys, prince, voy, XTC,shiny toy guns, the cure, lots more...

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

maceo parker @ irving plaza 5/06 prince @bryant park good morning america, ok it was only 3 songs but hey! ornette coleman @ carnegie hall james moody 06/07 shiny toy guns 7/07


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Hi Kaie I have an awsome Jazz playlist if you ever in the mood to do a side trade.Drop me a


What happened to our love?


Katie Crafty don't sweat the small stuff baby. Music is my religion and I will wait with the patients of Job for my mixation. (psst...c'mere a little closer...I've got a confession to make...I didn't send out my May until the first week of June! YIKES!) I swear to Satan it will never happen again. I really appreciate the update.


I lost track of the mixes I received recently, but you said you were sending one, so I'll say thank you preemptively 'cos I'm sure it'll be great when I do listen to it.


I'm a twin as well, actually - now I feel like I should include that in my profile! Thanks very much for the mix - I'm writing this from school so I don't have the tracklisting in front of me to give much specific feedback, but I definitely enjoying that Knife track, which I'd never heard before - is it from their earlier stuff?


katie, Howzit! Got your Sept mix. Thank you. A lot of bands that I am not familiar with and very nice overall flow. My favorite is the Fugazi track (always welcome on a mix). Good pick for the Jane's Addiction song. Probably the band\track that I never heard before and like the best is the Brazilian Girls song. I'm putting together a mix for my wife who is to give birth to our first baby in December, and just may use it to help encourage her to "Don't Stop!". (-; Cheers, -e p.s. no relation to Tess, though my mom's name is Theresa.


And what do you sew, crafty katie? Could you sew a cd cover?