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About Me

Favorite Songs

REM - Nightswimming

Favorite Artists

Smashing Pumpkins, The beatles, The Bronx, Taking Back Sunday

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Recent Concerts

+44, Klaxons


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Inspired by the film "Crank"


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L.A. in N.Y.C.

Did you receive either of them? Both? Neither?

L.A. in N.Y.C.

Hey Robin, it's me again. I sent your April mix out kind of late, but I'll re-send, in case the first one never shows up. I'm sending a different mix the 2nd time around, so if the first one shows up, you won't have a duplicate.

L.A. in N.Y.C.

I'm a little late to the party, as always, but your April mix is on its way across the Pond!


Thanks for the Bittersweet mix. That is YOU on the cover, right? Nice. MxBx


Hey there! Sorry I didn't get your NOV mixtape sent,because I've had pneumonia. I apologize, but I completely neglected to send it. MY BAD!!!


Thanks for the themed mixtapes - good effort. Musically, preferred the second but both well thought through and really well presented. Cheers!


What can I say? Sorry for the delay. Mix is on it's way! Be Well Jeff