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Careless Talk Costs Lives

About Me

The best thing about my school days were receiving a handful of carefully crafted mixtapes from a friend. Hello Kitten, Disco Disgrace, Weekdays Are Schooldays But Weekends Are Mine, all home made cassettes designed to expand my taste in music. The exercise was successful and even nowadays I listen to the tapes to rekindle my love for bootlegs and b-sides.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Dananananaykroyd Bricolage Digitalism The White Stripes Xerox Teens The Teenagers Soulwax Flatmates Jeffrey Lewis Good Shoes Justice The Kills Art Brut Delta 5 Milky Wimpshake Black Wire Para One Vitalic SHITDISCO Record Playerz The Cribs Elle Milano The Go! Team Hot Chip Uffie The Long Blondes The Flying Lizards Daddy & The Husband I,Ludicrous Franz Ferdinand Special Needs Kalev Mr. Oizo Beerjacket Arcade Fire Panico Simian Mobile Disco The Art Goblins Vincent Vincent &The Villains Y'all Is Fantasy Island Metronomy David Carretta Hefner Johnny Cash Milky Wimpshake Acoustic Ladyland Shop Assistants

Favorite Albums

The Cribs - The Cribs The White Stripes - De Stijl Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock & Roll Belle & Sebastian - Tigermilk

Recent Concerts

The Cribs - Glasgow Barrowlands Art Brut - Oran Mor Record Playerz - Art School T in the Park Festival


Careless Talk Costs Lives

2007-06-29 15:58:04


Swearing's For Arts Students

A mixed batch. My first mixtape for IMP, so it's just a collection of tracks that I love.


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I'd really like to try some of what you've got. My e-mail is -- and I'll send something your way as well. Cheers!


Thanks for a great mix!