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About Me

IMPORTANT:I prefer Tape mixes if available over CD mixes! Thank you!

Hey i am nick. I live in New jersey and i like collecting records, hanging out with my friends, going to the beach outdoors and other good stuff.

I hate how today society is Dependant on their little mp3. Come on dude do you really need 1000000 songs on your mp3 player.

Favorite Songs

New Model Army- Stupid Questions

Peter and the test tube babies- Every Second Counts

Skeptix - Violent Streets

Exploited - Army Life

Favorite Artists

The Freeze, Peter and the Test tube Babies,One way system,Exploited,External Menace, Chron Gen, Toy dolls,New Order,Duran Duran, Type o Negative, Bouncing Souls,Depeche Mode and many others

Favorite Albums

One way system- Writing on the wall Exploited - Army Life Chron Gen- Chronic Generation

Recent Concerts

Nyc Unity fest, Peter and the test tube babies live in Serbia, Meatlocker Blanks 77.


Blogs to Bloggers

2007-08-26 14:32:20


Whole World Is Goin insane

Tape with plenty of punk rock international

Mild & Intense

A - calm B -rough Enjoy!


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hope it made it!


hey nick- i just sent off your january mix. very, very sorry for the delay, january was an all-around unfortunate month. but it is making its way to you now!


hi nick! im sending you a cd because my stupid boombox wont record to tape! comes out all warbly. sorry about that. sending it out tommorow so you should get it in a few days. put some punk or punkesque songs on it.