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I sit in a cubicle farm most of the day. Streaming radio from the internet saves my sanity. I suppose I grew up on 80's college pop and some of the more mainstream punk, if there is such a thing. I listen to mainly indie pop, some folk/bluegrass, a little celtic rock and some alt country. I got a wife, two kids, small yappy dog and live in the uber-suburb of Cary, NC. Today's disaffected American Dream.

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Hey, thanks for the heads up about the likely late August mix. Will look forward to receiving whenever it comes through.


Scott, I meant to get back to you on your June CD. Excellent mix. We listened to it from Maryland to South Dakota and back again.


Hey Scott, your CD should be with you shortly if it isn't already - international post takes about a week, in my experience. Hope you enjoy it - let me know your thoughts.


Scott, Got your mixtape today. Thanks. Haven't listened to it yet, but it looks good! What's not to like - Wilco, Rilo, Neko, - even some that don't end in O.


Glad you liked it. If you like The Sonics you might care for Dean Carter - there's a good compilation of his stuff called Call of The Wild, featuring an excellent batshit insane version of "Jailhouse Rock". He aint quite The Sonics, but who is? Here's a link to a clip for another Doomsday Piano track, "I Am Coming Back (In a Revenge Song)". Lalo's disco reinvention of the "Jaws" theme is a thing to behold isn't it? Cheers, Dan


I suck. Your mix is late. I am going to do it RIGHT NOW! :)


I like the fact that you know who the Frames are! We are very proud of them here in "Oirland" but they never seemed to make it abroad. The lead singer is nominated for an Oscar this year however, for the Soundrack to "Once", great film, Enjoy the mix, not really a flowing or themed mix, just a bunch of good tunes.


Scott. I have your CD here in work and will post it today! sorry about the delay. Happy new year, Vinny.


je suis contente que tu l'aime. tu sais...c'est possible que ton francais est mieux de mienne. a bientot


sorry i'm late with your september have two themes to choose from=: "happy girls sometimes" or "la vie est belle - le hip-hop français" what'll it be? i will send one out randomly if i don't hear from you by tomorrow :)