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Freeloader, audiophile, and music talker abouter

About Me

I see concerts at least once a month although now I am getting to the age where I have to stand in the back of a general admission show. Who knew 28 was the new 48? Currently into dance rock, old funk, and karaoke. I can almost no longer listen to a full record at once anymore because I am constantly thinking about how songs would fit into a mix. Mixes are better than the real thing because you can tailor songs to fit your mood.

Favorite Songs

Unloveable, Reel Around the Fountain, I Started Something - The Smiths Waiting on A Friend - Rolling Stones Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division Boys Don't Cry - The Cure Got To Give it Up - Marvin Gaye

Favorite Artists

Morrissey, Bowie, Jagger, Velvet Underground, Arcade Fire, Beck, Broken Social Scene, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, The Rapture

Favorite Albums

Purple Rain - Prince Strangeways Here We Come - The Smiths Velvet Underground Thriller - Michael Jackson Kid A - Radiohead Rumors - Fleetwood Mac

Recent Concerts

The Rapture at The Mayan, LCD Soundsystem/Arcade Fire at the Hollywood Bowl, Patti Smith, I see a lot of shows.


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in the park

There IS a cure for the summertime blues


Somebody has to be responsible for rock and roll


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Hi Jamilyn hmm did I spell that right?well anyway Im still for a side trade.What do I know about music? go to If you want a good person to talk music with heck I could talk all!Trish


Hi Im Trish Musically we have alot in common Swing by my page and read my blogs and playlists and if you want to do a side trade.That would be cool.Trish


Thank God you are here. How's your Record Club? Off to a good start, I hope?


hey, thanks for the mix, its great! i even gave a copy to my 12-year-old nephew, and he is learning it! cheers, bronagh.


Hey! Got you mix, I love it! That's my kind of old school. Thanks!