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Excellent mix! The World was a great idea for a theme and well executed! This is one of the best IMP mixes I've received. "Boots of Spanish Leather" is definitely an all time Dylan favorite. Thanks!


hola, thanks for the november mix! oddly enough, i've been curious about t.rex's "ride a white swan" for some time now, never got around to hearing it until your mix...and you happened to put on THE song that finally got me over the "walk on the wild side" hump with lou reed--since i heard "last great american whale", NEW YORK has become one of my all-time faves. there are a lot of tunes on this mix by bands i love and definitely some stuff i now want to check out more. cheers!


Yeah, those are the records I'm really digging, Caetano Veloso's early (and confusingly titled) albums. I really like the ones you mention, but think my favorite so far is the white one from 1969 . . . I really love Alfômega. I'm surprised it took me so long to finally hear that cut. Once I did I knew I had to track it down. Thanks again for the mix!


Also, a cool cover collage!


Yes! I received it awhile back and have been lame not to let you know. It is excellent! It includes many of my all time favorite artists/bands . . . The Clash, Patti Smith, Lou Reed,, etc. and others that I have just recently been getting into, like Caetano Veloso. Very cool. Thank you and my apologies for being so late in letting you know.