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A Swift Kick of Class to the Teeth

About Me

I am Bradley, one day I will rule the world...no joke

Favorite Songs

That one song that goes, la la la la

Favorite Artists

I like bands who aren't on the radio... and some who are but mostly Broken Social Scene (or anything arts & crafts really) Anything Dan Boeckner, Of Montreal, Joel Plaskett/Thrush Hermit, Guided By Voices, Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire, Beck, Born Ruffians, Chad VanGaalen, Daniel Johnston!, Wintersleep, Tapes n' Tapes, They Shoot Horses, Dandy Warhols or The Brian Jonestown Massacre... you decide, Jenny Lewis, The Robot Ate Me, Wilco, The Sadies, Black Keys, White Stripes, Pavement, Neutral Milk Hotel...the list goes on

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts


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Breakfast Of Champions Mix

Kurt Vonnegut pwns.

Songs about deformity

Am I really this weird?...yes, yes I am

My Brain Listens to Good Music

I decided to start uploading these...


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Hey .. How's it going? .. I am pleased to say that you got me into some phenomenal bands a few years ago -- my favorite still remains to be Final Fantasy... Be Well, Andy


Just wanted to let you know that the October Mixtape went into the postal system this afternoon. I am hoping that you receive it next week, but it is coming from your southern border and will have to cross customs. But it is on it's way. -Jeffrey (Redoctober25)


ps nice music taste


i wish they put dates on when comments are posted i was pretty much in the middle of nowhere um i was near some beach Bahia Ballena, and then near a city called Jaco




Sorry about the delay. Just got your August mix in the mail. Hope you dig SOME PERU.


July mix is now on its way. Sorry for the delay.


glad you liked it! rock on!


Sure, why not. Email me your complete address. You can't be the only Bradley in Woodstock, can you? My email is david.haw@cogeco.ca


Hey, got it the day before yesterda!!! I'm liking it. New songs (for me) from a few bands I knew (Beirut, for example). Old songs I knew from a band I knew (QOTSA) and new songs from new bands I didn't know (i.e. Creature). Thanks a lot. And I really liked the case. X-rays are an underappreciated packaging material.


your brain actually listens to rotten music.


I don't make wishes. because they never come TRUE. FISH bowls, however. I have some good stories to tell about fish bowls.


Great, I'm looking forward to it.


hey bradley, don't know if you got my email, but i got your fab mix. it's on heavy rotation, cheers!


It has arrived! - I've only listened to 2 tracks so far; and very much love the flavor it gives off. Very much appreciate the bonus CD -- and delightful comment of my mix being one of the best you've recieved. You will recieve a proper thank you - and more delicious music in due time. It's also ironic you used those bug stickers on your album. I used the exact same ones when I sent out a mix entitled "Psychotic Feeling" - based off of the Of Montreal B-Side. Most long-winded comment everrrr. Be well. Expect Mail. Much Love <3 andy


Dude, your mix rocks! Well worth the wait!


Hey, I got your December mix today. Listening to it right now. It's pretty awesome, thanks.


Alright, alright ... were you humouring me, with that mix you were going to send my way?


Hi Bradley, Just got back in town after being gone for 3 weeks for a family emergency and got your mix. Thanks! -G


Excellent! So glad you are enjoying it -- I am waiting (in anticipation) for some great music...


Hey Bradley, Sorry, I have not gotten your mixtape yet. I will let you know when it arrives though.


Did you get my last e-mail stating I sent your CD out? That was over a week ago. So you should get the CD soon. Let me know if you don't... Enjoy - Be Well


Hey! Thanks For the "Mostly Canadian" Mix... Much more respect for Joel Plaskett now! Cheers! Connie


Hey Brad, why yes, yes I am. I'm going to the Monday show though - because a) I have to work Sunday, and b) I think it would be longer/better as they won't have to rush because of Raygun.. Email me if you want - tanyakearney at gmail dot com


Hey Bradley -- I think a mixtape exchange would be a grand idea! My e-mail is warholpirie@hotmail.com if you'd like to send me your address. I'll do the same. (It's exciting that you're from Canada -- what part?)


Cool. Thanks man.


I got your tape - it's actually my first tape! i've always gotten CDs so far until now. It's really cool, thanks!


Hey man, sorry about the wait. It is on its way though. I was just trying to touch base on a couple things. Hope it lives up.


Arts & Crafts is certainly top of the Indie Circuit. Broken Social Scene has been my favorite since the Summer I went to Quebec. Ironically, they are from Canada (as I'm sure you know.) Everything sort of runs together. Beautiful taste in music. Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene just released Spirit If ... I haven't heard it. But will definitely check it out. Peace!, Andy


Hey Bradley. So I've been assigned to make you a mixtape. I'm gonna friend you on myspace so I can check with you on a couple things... Cool?


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