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Megan, your September has been a little delayed i'll post it to you tomorrow! Due to the English storm it may take longer than usual..but hope you enjoy it non the less! Kirsty Fuller


Hi Megan, your Oct CD left Sydney yesterday (Oct 15th).


So, it's April 1st. It is, therefore, time I posted your March mix. Let's face it, the thing is long overdue. It's a blend of English folky stuff (some did and some didn't make it to your side of the water) and some sing along stuff. Oh, and the end of the most perfect story of all time. Enjoy it. I hope March has been nice to you that April (come she will) looks after you too. AP


Hi Megan thanks for the Feb mix - some really good stuff on there. Particularly liked the Horse Feathers track. And you can't go wrong with the Flamin' Groovies, Van Morrison and Elliott Smith. Cheers Gary


Hey Megan, Just sent out your January mix today,and I didn't have internet so I wasn't able to put all the Imp data on the disc, but yeah January is from me. :p


12/11: Just sent your November mix from DC today. Enjoy! James


Yes, Spaghetti Cocktail Music is def one of the best mixes that I've ever received on IMP. You've got my taste dwon perfectly. .. And fyi, Nina SImone '?' is 'Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter' a truly classic track. Thanks!


Hi Megan. Thanks for my Sept mix. I got it yesterday so haven't given it a blast yet but looking down the tracklisting I know I'm going to like it. You got my 'official' favourite track of all time: A Change Is Gonna Come. So I'm happy already! many thanks!


Hi Megan, thanks for the mix. It's new stuff to me so I'm really digging it. Thanks. Steve


Thanks for the mix!


Loved it...thanks! If you need i will get you some cd cases, ha... X


Megan, I hope to post my February Mix to you soon, am running a little late..


Hi Megan, I'm so sorry your Nov mix didn't turn up, it's not the first time it's happened - maybe there's someone at my local post office who's supplementing their CD collection!? Anyway, I'll get another copy in the post to you as soon as possible, but I'd expect it won't arrive until January now.


Hey Megan! I'll be resending your September mix today or tomorrow. Hopefully the mailman won't swipe it this time. :D


hello, i'm afraid i've been a delayed in getting your mix out this month. it's the end of year assignment/exam frenzy. i'll get on it today (01/06/10) and hopefully get it in the post for tomorrow. i do apologise for any inconvenience this delay may have caused. thank you, come again. nell x


Thanks for the 2 cds! Love them both.


Megan, Your mix was well thought out, simple and to the point. The music really flowed and contained many an artist I like. Special props for including the Go-Betweens. Of your two mystery songs I certainly placed Yeasayer "Tightrope" but am having trouble with the track that felt circa 1973. Anyway, this has been on rotation at work the past week or two. Cheers, Andy


Sent your c.d out today :)


hi sending your cd tomorrow sorry so late!!! end of school been super busy thanks yvonne


Hi, I got the CD and am looking forward to listening to it. Thanks, James


Thank you! What a bright, warm, and delightful mix!


Hiya Megan. Hope I didn't bum you out with the S.A.D. mixtape. Strange, but right after I sent it the sun came out, the birds began singing, and the temperature rose into the 70s. It's as if I purged the evil spirits.


bad news, unfortunately, due to my being an idiot. i ran out of stamps and forgot to put an extra one on your package before i mailed it. so it just came back for lack of postage. but there's good news! in the meantime, inspiration struck and viola! my first concept mix (that actually works) was born! it's tentatively titled 'the curmudgeon's soundtrack to life'. that will be coming to you along with the other mixes promised, as long as you promise not to drive cross-country and kick me in the nads (though i would deserve it)


hey megan - procrastination rules over me again....your january mix(es?) will be sent out today. i think i'm going to send you a second one as part of an experiment. there's a 'garage rock' mix that was recently put together. usually cds of that ilk have the reputation of being guy music. but i want to send it to you to see if that is true, on the condition you let me know what you think of it. (don't worry, you won't offend me). hopefully you like the main mix. by the way, i think you had me as an assignment some months back and turned me onto 'black cab'. was that you?

The Ealing Collective

Careful what you wish for!! All this sweet talk and you may well get yourself a little bonus mix! I'm cobbling together a few tonight so you never know. Keep your eyes on the postbox; you may get something soon! (Now where'd I put that address?) Oh and if you ever feel like sending another our way, you know we love your mixes, we'd obviously compensate you in the like. What's big in San Fransisco right now?

Thomas J

I'd be happy to suggest, if you want send me your address and I'll send out a mix...

Thomas J

Amazing mix, thank you. Always a treat to find Papa M on a mix.

The Ealing Collective

Hey Megan, We got October's mixtape a while ago now, and it's soon become a house favourite, especially as it's got a good mix of stuff we knew (and really really like) and some new stuff which we didn't realised we liked yet but do now. ...and that's what this is all about. In fact the mix was so good I think one of the Collective has a bit of a crush on you!! Seriously!! But we're not gonna tell you which one though!


Thanks for the September mix - I really enjoyed it.


Your mix is on it's way, but may arrive a little into Nov.


Grrrreetings from Virginia---your mix is way late but en route to your mailbox!


Hi, Thanks for the great mix and the beautiful presentation. I loved most of the cd, but I really loved Black Cab. I think we're on the same page. Thanks so much, Angela