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I'm way lame

About Me

I heart art, music, and food.

Favorite Songs

Song of the Moment: Can't Stay the Same- Saves the Day

Favorite Artists

Junior Senior, The Apples in Stereo, Gogol Bordello, Bright Eyes, The Honorary Title, The Sounds, Farin Urlaub, Sufjan Stevens, Say Anything, Buddy Holly, and everthing inbetween.

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

Say Anything w/ Hellogoodbye and Young Love 11/16 Warfield, San Francisco

The Faint w/ 3oh!3- The Fox, Boulder, CO


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The Mix I Wish Someone Would Make Me

Super Sugar Candy Crunch!

Basically some of the worst music I own all on one mix of saccharine goodness (or badness depending on how you see it). It was begging to be made, and I finally caved. One of the first mixes I've made for IMP.


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Your "Mix I Wish Someone Would Make"? Me, too. It sounds (in my head, at least) spectacular! :)


Hi Katharina, you are my June assignment, I'm a little behind on my mixes but am planning a session in my studio later this week and will try to have it finished and posted off to you.