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About Me

Based in Dublin, Ireland, hailing from Galway on the west coast. Still finding new music every day that gives you the shivers!

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Too many!

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Way too many!

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Same answer!

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Too busy working!


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So Vinny, you are my February assignment. I hope you will enjoy the music.


Vincent I received the December mixtape. I've been away on business, so I'm not sure when it arrived. Looking forward to giving it a listen. I'm curious to see how you take it from Bjork to the Frames to Neil Sedaka!


sorry for the missing december mix...that month just flew by without my realizing it!! i'll have it in the mail to you very soon

Thomas J

Vincent, Thanks for the mix. Great tunes and it came with Dublin paper, such an added bonus!


Got the Mix. Awesome Job. Time flies, many moons ago an accoustic heavy Mix would have been the end!. but now...........Perfect. Thanks for the effort.


Hello Vincent - I just wanted to warn you that on the cd I sent you, the song (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais was attributed to The Clash and it was actually a cover by 311. I hope the cd made it to you. Aaron