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About Me

I play drums and some guitar badly. I like making things up. I like songs. I like IMP. My IMP mixes contain music local to me. I hope you enjoy them.

My endeavours: southernwoodmusic falteringhauling

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Stuff that comes to mind: Tortoise, any band that Steve Albini has been in, Slint, Come, Sonic Youth, Will Oldham, Fugazi, US Maple, Jesus Lizard, Mule, Sebadoh, Stereolab, The Fall, Chicago Underground Duo, Gang of Four, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Beck, Anti- pop Consortium, A Minor Forest, Isotope 217, Belle and Sebastian, The Folk Implosion, Mudhoney, Clouddead, Don Caballero, Pit Er Pat, Joy Division, Gillian Welch Gang Gang Dance, El-P, Buck 65, Songs:Ohia, Scout Niblett, Alasdair Roberts, Michael Gira, Joanna Newsom, Jim O'Rourke, David Grubbs... Some locals: Charlottefield, Cove, Joey Fat, Hey Colossus, Part Chimp, I'm Being Good, Lords, Blood Red Shoes, Bilge Pump, Reigns, Phil Collins 3, Trencher, Southall Riot... Some legends: Neil Young, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Band, Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, Sham 69, Stiff Little Fingers, Ramones...

Favorite Albums

Will Oldham - Joya, The Vandermark 5 - Acoustic Machine, Anti-pop Consortium - Tragic Epilogue, Alasdair Roberts - Farewell Sorrow

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IMP Mix1

My first IMP mix!


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Hey Neill- I dropped your February mix in the mail yesterday. A collection of length-challenged songs. Coming from San Francisco, so it may take awhile. Hope you enjoy. -jim


Neill, your December mix is on the way. Please let me know when you receive it.


neill, played both tracks on my show, check out playlist at, gave you a shout out in the comments at at the mic break (at about the 51 minute mark). thanks again

L.A. in N.Y.C.

Hi Neill, I'm your Nov. mixmaker -- I'm running behind schedule (obviously), but your mix will be going out this week. Promise. Sorry for the delay.


hey neill, got your november imp mix last week and it's one of the best i've ever received, lots of cool unknown stuff. btw, i do occasional radio shows on wfmu and plan to play the southhall riot and cheju tracks when i'm on this coming monday (3/12, 3am-6am, Eastern time...can listen online at live or later via the archive). you can check out my playlists at thanks again. jack