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About Me

Live in Toronto, sometimes on planet earth. I spend a lot of time being busy, yet never really achieving very much.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Joe Strummer. And all that entails, its about education and sounds, tastes and experience. The musical equivalent of walking down the high road eating a pakora and drinking a guinness. its about jungle drums, disco, dust bowl folk, french reggae, hip-hop, blues, country,raunchy rock and roll, spanish rap,pop,sounds, samples, beats, rhythms. its about listening. about finding the songs that take you higher, the notes that make your heart swell or break. its about seeing and hearing everything like its your first time.

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

tapdancer on the street corner, my wife singing along to the Donnas, my cats screaming for food, my neighbors dog.


Currently there are no blogs published.


Hello My Name Is.......

Whats in a name?

Mental Health Day

Juggling With Chainsaws

April; the sharpest, barest, prickliest of months. Such force yet so fresh and new.

In like a Lion, out like an A-Bomb

The Mix reflects the month, screaming demon from start to finish. an Apt celebration of the month where the new year begins.

Best of British: Disc 2

Still no U2, Oasis, Blur or Robbie Williams.

Best of British Disc One

A mammoth undertaking but managed to avoid Oasis and Blur, oh, and U2 as well

February: The YEARS Demon step-child

ugly arriving, short and horrible in duration, nasty and bad tempered on the way out

The Revolution Has Been Televised

A soundtrack for storming the barricades

emotionally speaking, of course.

Who knows what goes on in a mind

Anywhere but here

deep breath, here goes. First times a charm or a curse. But Fun Damnit!!

Halloween 2007

The most wonderful time of the year.


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Kristian, Remember we traded way back? Well here's a little Christmas present if you go for that sort of thing. http://www.sendspace.com/file/n3x0kn


Thanks for the April mix. Still listening to it in July!


Sorry for the laziness, uh, I mean LATEness of your May CD. It will go in the mail tomorrow!


Kristian, I'm late with your mix CD! I shall be sending it on tomorrow (4/2). Apologies, Dan


Kristian, your mix arrived today! It's in the car right now, we're saving it for a trip out of town. We took a sneak listen to the first couple tracks - the first song is amazing! I love the sound of that guitar. Also nice work on the cover...

Son of Ravyn

Glad you got it. I'd been wanting to do that one for a long time, and am curious to hear someone else's thoughts. There were so many other song pairings (and concepts for which I wanted to find pairings) that I had in mind, that I just had to pick a bunch and go with them. If I hadn't forced myself to do that, I'd still be making the mix in my head, instead of you listening to it in Toronto. Perhaps I'll revisit that idea in the future. . .


Well, where do I begin? I got both mixes (thanks for the bonus) and played them last night while doing household chores after work. They are excellent! The Joe Strummer & Latino Rockabilly tune is a new favorite. The Revolution mix is a terrific flow of different genres. The Demon Step- Child is just moves with some attitude and fun. The wait was worth it. Let me know when you are up for trading in the future.


I still haven't received the mix yet. I've been looking forward to it and I hope it comes soon.


I've been checking out a lot of people's stuff and I have to say I'd be happy to get any one of your mixes, perhaps I will.


I have been a member since September 2006 and have only been stiffed twice. It sucks when it does happen. On the other side of that, I do get mixes from members who send bonus mixes because they felt they were late and yet still before the deadline. It gets better and there is always an oppurtunity for trading mixes.


Well, unfortunately it has been a week and no mix at my doorstep. Please go ahead and send it again. I am looking forward to it.


yeah yeah, I'm totally down for some side trade mix action. You're going to get my upcoming Feb mix (I'm previewing at this moment), but also feel free to check out my other IMP mixes which are online in imeem players on my site here http://arleym.com/011011010110100101111000.asp Rather than trade addresses online, why don't you drop me an email here myfriendarley@arleym.com. I think I know two other IMPers who would also like to see some more mixes if you decide to make this a habit! Great idea, AM


A week is fine for me. No rush at all. I'll give you a notice as soon as it comes. The mix does look great and so does your Demon step-child.


No, I haven't recieved your mix yet but after seeing it displayed, I hope it comes soon. I haven't heard Above The Law's "Freedom Of Speech" in years!


thank you so much for the december mix! the bonus disc was great--i've been stuck on the same christmas album since about age 5, never bothered to make a nice mix of actual good holiday tunes, and now you've done all the hard work for me! plus lots of stuff i'd NEVER heard. the "official" mix was great too. i think opening with black sabbath is never a bad idea. loved hm,hb. hadn't heard that cracker song in at least a decade, what a classic. i think i loved everything except the jenny lewis (her voice just doesn't move anything in me). all around awesomeness. happy new year!


I hate it when I can't scratch my ears


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