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music is like groceries

About Me

50 year old in Houston Texas. Never been interested in mass culture types of music. Back in my younger adulthood and back to high school years, my friends and i used mix tapes to share music we'd discovered. Then we got into the artistry of grouping songs together in a thematic way or to create a kind of flow, rather than just copying whole albums. Always looking for things i haven't heard before.

Favorite Songs

these are songs that get a lot of play according to my iPod: Porno - Arcade Fire, Save it for Later - The Beat, New Listening - Labradford, Pardon? - Boris, No Medicine for Regret - Mogwai

Favorite Artists

Currently: Throwing Muses, Wild Beasts, Broadcast, The Twilight Sad, Beach House, Andrew Bird, Stereolab

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

Deerhoof, Thor & Friends, Mayer Hawthorne, Autolux, SWANS (again) with Little Annie, X


Currently there are no blogs published.


Light and Shadows

Strangers Traveling Light

Weak Seams

almost all CDs i got for christmas, plus a couple of things (X album with some bonus tracks, and Yaz) i'd picked up at Half Price Books while shopping. Made a playlist and started picking things out of it.

Halloween 16

creepiness, dreams, nightmares

Like Sugar Into Water

Unshapely Love

I didn't really have a theme. Just another one where I added songs that I thought sounded right together. After I was finished I noticed all the disappointment and regret and other uncomfortable emotional states.

Ode to Boys And Girls

playlist built by adding a song whenever i thought it would sound good next to the last one i picked.

Careful, you future people. give it up eventually.

stayed more in the present day with this mix.

I Saw That Ragged Soul Take Flight

Poetic lyrics by singer-songwriters mostly working under their own names.


I Took Bulb Form. Left a Shell is All.

an all Cocteau Twins mix with the goal of showing the variety of sounds they explored over their career.

June mix

This started with a handful of songs I'd had to edit out of a previous mix in order to make things fit.

On the dancefloor playing easy to get.

good basslines, mostly motivated this one.

Gravel and Dust

My main goal was to bracket a mixtape with the two DJ Food pieces and the title refers to the quality of the vocals I ended up using. I already had a few songs I thought would flow together and then I built off that. It came out more retro than I thought it would.


not as many songs as i usually put on a mix, but I'd collected up just about enough songs with titles beginning in 'And' to make it work.

Come Gimme Some

songs with a slightly discofied energy. like if i'm just doing housework and one of these plays, there might be a dance break.

Your Man

all male singers

Rampant Stupid Wickedness

The title is a phrase one of my friends spontaneously came up with as the answer to one of those rhetorical 'What's Wrong With The World Today?' kind of questions. At some later point he came up with a noise that he thought it would sound like and there's something like it in the Virgin Prunes song i used at the beginning. The phrase occurred to me as i was putting this one together and hadn't really settled on a theme. I noticed that a lot of songs i had chosen seemed to have a bad attitude, so i went with that as my criteria.

iPod shuffle mix

just the last 20 songs my iPod had played before I decided to make a new mix.


I almost felt bad about sending this one. This mix started with a batch of songs that was headed into a love song mix but then one of my friends suddenly died and I only wanted really gushy ones and songs that actually get me choked up. I don't know what effect it might have on anyone else. Hopefully it's not too cheesy.

general kind of mix made by gradually building a playlist whenever a song seemed like a good addition. back when i used actual tape, sometimes a cassette would be filled up this way over the course of a week or so.

Red White and Blue

nothing particularly patriotic other than the self-imposed color theme challenge.

A Stray Black Dog

i only have about half of what he did but this is an all Jason Molina mix including work with Songs: Ohia and magnolia Electric Co. as well as both solo albums.

Jazz mix

mostly structured jazz styles with singers and big bands.

Halloween 2013

what's halloween without ghosts?

2013 mix

I Can, I Can't, I Should, I Don't

Just Don't

colorful mix

Cocteau Twins

They were a major favorite of mine for many years. A number of times they titled songs with phrases that came from earlier songs and this mix is made of those interrelated pieces, plus some instrumentals, for padding.

Christmas '11

a hopefully not too lame holiday effort. It's not Christmas for me without some of these songs.

general mix. several new releases i'm still just getting into. hard to choose favorite songs from them still. plus some other stuff that's been in the CD player lately

A Light Train to Unknown Trash Scapes

just what i've been listening to

A Woman's Touch

Familiar songs and standards, sensitively delivered by female singers.

Chilly songs

A snowy, wintery mix.

Freaks & Crimes: Halloween '12

Halloween with the Residents

Skinny Burlesque Queens

One of those attempts at capturing a mood. Urban night. worldly but not too jaded.

Beach House

i found out about Beach House by way of one of the first IMP mixes i ever received.

Low Times

another mix of the general sort.

Rickie Lee Jones

Been a fan since Chuck E.'s in Love. A special kind of artist with a personal vision and a sense of adventure with regard to her own career. Sort of a grittier, more streetwise Joni Mitchell.

Tar & Feathers

just one of the random kinds of mixes you'd do if a friend asked what you'd been listening to lately

Halloween 2011

Sex - Politics - Religion

Stereolab Mix

If I could choose a band to be the voice of my generation it would be Stereolab.

David in the (late) 80's

I've been meaning to do this one for a long time, but most of my music from 85-89 is only in the form of vinyl. consequently not as many artists are represented as i would like, but i think i managed to give an idea of where my tastes were at the time. Definitely got into darker and more experimental sounds. Some of this i would term 'difficult listening' but i tried not to include anything that was too much of an endurance test.

Valentine 2011

A collection of unironic, perfectly happy love songs for Valentine's day

Fado 2

More of my favorite fados.

Fado 1

Fado is a Portuguese style of music that is somewhat like the blues. It is urban and the songs primarily deal with sadness. In particular a kind of sadness which is called saudade in Portuguese. That's a kind of sadness that you are happy to have, a longing that you are basically wallowing in. Impossible unrequited love or homesickness are good examples.

chronological Throwing Muses mix

One of my favorite bands ever. If not for the In A Doghouse CD i wouldn't have been able to do this sort of 'history of' kind of mix because i only have the first few records on vinyl. This is also my excuse for not including anything from the Hunkpapa album.

Kristin Hersh

i've Been a Kristin Hersh / Throwing Muses fan since that 4AD compilation whatever year that was. She's been really diverse in style but i always find her songs fascinating. they are like listening to someone's unedited thoughts, which can go from embarassingly direct to hopelessly muddled. sometimes this happens in the span of a single song because the lyrics somtimes go off on tangents that never return to the place where you thought you knew where the song was headed.

Halloween 2010

a new halloween mix

Gym Mix

This is based on the iPod playlist i use at the gym. songs that have motivational lyrics or a sound that keeps me going.

Real Places

i did this one in Dec. 09 but never posted it. Songs titled after real places.


This is about how a song goes from 'cover' to 'standard'. The concept of standard songs doesn't exist as much these days because singers now pretty much only do their own material, but i think it still happens to some degree.

Roads, Cities, Scenery

another one where i'm just playing with the song titles. instead of real places, this time it's imaginary places and the roads you might take to get there.

September 09

no theme at all. just songs i was in the mood for or a mood i was after.

Daytrotter Sessions

the Daytrotter.com site describes what they've got thusly: "These fine people as theyre traveling through Americas heartland take two hours out of their travels between shows to stop in for a Daytrotter Session at The Horseshack in downtown Rock Island, Ill. The name of the city is not ironic. They use borrowed instruments, play with their touring mates, utilize an often unkempt toilet, eat some food and then cram back into their vans for the last half of the drive. What they leave behind is a pile of ashes, sometimes a forgotten stocking hat and four absolutely collectible songs that often impart on whomever listens to them the true intensity that these musicians put into their art, sometimes with more clarity than they do when they have months to tinker with overdubs and experiments. These songs are them as they are on that particular day, on that particular tour dirty and alive.

David in the 80's

This is me being nostalgic, and covers up to about '85. I'll try to do a late 80's mix later. The mood will be radically different.

Spring Fever Mix

These are songs that fit my mood or felt seasonal somehow. Newness, restlessness, nostalgia. This time i ended up including things from other mixtape project CDs i've recieved

IMP Stuff 2

i had so much good stuff from IMP mixes that i had to do another one

Time and Date

just thought i'd be funny with song titles

IMP stuff 1

almost everything on this mix came from other IMP mixes i've recieved


this is one of those mixes that sort of got away from me. i started messing with it in the middle of the month and then i caught a cold and i guess my mood changed. i apparently needed songs that sounded irritable or delirious.

Vampire Story

another sort of imaginary movie soundrack. Vampires could just as easlily be figurative as literal.

March mix

just trying to capture my mood for this month. that kinda spring time - nice weather outside feeling.

Hard times/ Good times

songs that strike me as appropriate for the current econmic situation. mine anyway.

buying back what we gave away

these are from the CDs that have been living in my 5 disc changer all month. lots of thses songs are of the hitting- close-to-home type but some are just there because they stuck in my head.

All over the map, all over the world

many emotional states in many languages. sometimes you don't really need the details of what a song is about to understand it.

2008 highlights

A decent selection of '08 things that I really liked. I'm feeling somewhat validated by the top ten list here and the top 50 at Pitchfork, but there's stuff here that doesn't seem to be getting the attention I expected.

music from a road trip

this is made of selections from some CDs i took with me when i went to see Les Savy Fav in Austin last month. Essentially i grabbed a stack that were handy next to the home stereo. i tried to counteract downer songs with more upbeat stuff because the overall mood of the trip was light.

A Late Valentine

I had started a mix of political songs as suggested in the assignment email, but wasn't getting into it. Then valentine's day rolled around and i got inspired to do this. its sort of for single people. A cycle that goes from somewhat bitter, through the whole process of finding, experiencing, screwing up and losing love. then through sadness to hopefullness and then you could start over at the beginning.

Happy Halloween

Self explanatory, really

Myspace Music

these are all files downloaded from bands' Myspace pages. I've found it interesting which bands promote themselves with giveaways like this and which don't.

Back to School!

Its that time of year again, so the theme is 'educational'. You get to learn about the alphabet and numbers, there's a pop quiz and then a lunch break, some geography and political science, then for P.E. Kate Bush tells you how to be invisible. Your history teacher isn't having a good day.

Soundtrack to Something

the songs i'd been stuck on lately were kind of theatrical so i wanted to make something that sounded like a movie soundtrack. opening credits, themes for characters and the setup of the plot, a love theme, some tense pieces that sound like conflict, the blatant attempt at a chart topping hit, closing credits and all that.

May '08 mix

I made this one with help from my ipod's shuffle setting. i made a broader playlist of selections from CD's i'd recently loaded onto the ipod and since i hadn't developed any favorite songs from some of these, i let it narrow down my choices of songs by listening for juxtapositions that worked well. I did change the order of a couple of songs and replaced two with songs i liked better by the same artist, but some of the lyrical interplay is entirely serendipitous.

Bands I missed by not going to SXSW

The title explains the theme pretty adequately. Definitely some of the same artists I've put on other mixes, but it stands to reason that bands I'd put on a mixtape would be among those I'd love to see live.

love, lust, complications

a spectacular relationship failure made me choose a lot of these songs. others are there as a sort of disguise.


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7/17 Good Humor Heavy Twee on it's way, David. Cheers for this month's mix from you. In the car's cd carousel creating a commotion. Steve


HAHAHA! If I ever make it back to Houston. As the imp pool dwindles you may start to hate me though.


March 17 mix a little late. Sorry


Loved your December mix. Being a big fan of Fiona Apple and Nick Cave definitely helps. Great flow and overall mood. I used to do a lot of four(ish)-artist mixes and I've gotten away from it; I think you've re-inspired me.


I'm loving your July mix - thank you! And...I'm sorry. I'm late getting your July mix out. It'll be making its way towards you today, from Austria...


Just got your mix. Looks great! Been digging the new Autolux too.


Just dropping by to let you know your mix will be a bit late (perhaps another week or so before I can get to it) - apologies for the delay.


5/28: May mix sent today. -James


Fantastic mix David. Today's favourite is Homer & Jethro.


Hi David, your Feb mix left Sydney today (Feb 16th)


Hi David: It just arrived in the mail today. I'm importing it as I type this. Looks good from the titles alone. I'll give it a listen shortly.


Yep,the mix had it's fun moments. Glad you enjoyed it.


Hey David, There should be a grocery bag arriving on your doorstep soon (hope you're not vegetarian :-) Cheers, Danny


Hi there David, and thanks for your AUgust mix, I'm really enjoyng it. Great picks: Abbey, Cohen, Yo La Tengo, MBV... Not much into the White Stripes, but I got to discover some really good stuff as well. The Bird & The Bee's reworking of Hall & Oates' I Can't Go For That is awesome, I didn't know they put out a whole H&O's cover album a few years ago, going to check that out.


Thank you David, and don't worry 'cause you're late, shit happens! Looking forward to your mix, it will take some weeks from Texas. Checked your profile and seen you attended some nice shows: Swans, Raveonettes, Nitzer Ebb... great stuff! If these are your tastes I'm sure I'm getting a very good cd from you. Cheers.


Just sending out your March mix today. Sorry for the delay.


A great Dec mix David - thanks. I too was a big Cocteau Twins fan back in the eighties, so I was delighted to hear some old favourites and the rest of the cd matched the theme beautifully. Cheers!


Thanks David - I look forward to receiving. Sorry to hear about your accident, hope you're recovering well.


Hi David, your August mix left the UK today.


Did you send me a mix out David? Hope so~ You look to have interesting tastes


Hey David - sending your April mix out today (had some computer issues) so you should get it shortly. - Shelly


Great mix! Thank you :)


I see that you like Wild Beasts ---- they are by far at the top of my list....


Hi David, your January mix left Sydney today (6th Jan).


Thanks for the Halloween mix! It was great. I listened to it while I carved pumpkins, just to create the appropriate ambience, and my Jack 'O Lanterns turned out appropriately creepy:)


No worries on the lateness. My mixes are always late. :)


Thanks for the very varied mix. Any grouping that includes two vocal performances by Nick Cave is aces in my book!


Thanks for the alert, Masked Man! I will set up camp by the mailbox.


Still love this Cocteau Twins mix. Thanks again.


I've sent your July mix from Philadelphia. You got a bonus disc from me, as I've been collecting a variety of recordings of Jobim's "Ãguas de Março" and had enough to make a CD, plus a few left over. I hope you enjoy it.


6/24: Your June CD was mailed today from Washington, DC.


may mix received. love the cocteau twins and it's been some time since i've given them a proper listen. perfect timing. thanks.


Just saw your comment on my page. I'll keep an eye out for it. Unfortunately, before I saw your note, I had marked my May mix as being not received yet. Sorry about that.


Did you finally receive the mix??


Hey there! I put your May 2010 mix in the mail yesterday evening, so you should have it soon. I hope you like it!


Hi David! I am sorry your April mix is running late but promise to send it soon here. I live in Houston also, so it shouldn't take too long to get to you.


hey, your tapes arrived a few days ago and now after listening to them for a while i can tell you that they are great! the idea of putting together songs from different daytrotter sessions had also been on my mind for some time. so, thank you!


I just logged in today and found your comments re the February mix, thankyou. I'm full of anticipation now!


The Real Places mix was gret...thanks


hey there, i'm you're november mix-constructor but i'm afraid i've let the month slip by failing to get the mix in the mail. i'll try and get it in the post tomorrow for you (1st dec). apologies for the lateness. elly


Hey man, I finally had myself a decent road trip to delve into your September mix--great stuff! It would be the perfect disc to slip in at my favorite local coffee shop and get some writing done. Very well-crafted, nice flow, and lots of stuff I hadn't heard. My faves were the first ("Emperor of Ice Cream") and last songs (the spooky Stones cover plus hidden track), brilliant stuff, thanks a lot!

Nora E

I put your mix in the mail yesterday!


Did you get the mix yet ?

Nora E

Hey, I moved to school so I have a different address for you to mail my cd to, if it isn't too much trouble. What's your email, so I can send it to you?


I sent you mix off today. Should have it soon. Sorry I sent it so late in the month !


"Hard Times" by Patrick WOlf woulf be perfect for your HARD TIMES mix. Check out the video - it's pretty cool


David, package on its way today.


Just got your Feb mix and I'm excited to listen to it. I see you're from Houston. That's where I grew up and still go back to visit. In fact I went home specifically to see that X and Rollins Band show you went to. Awesomeness!


Hi Just a brief excuse, and to say that February's assignment has finally been posted to you. Sorry for missing the deadline, but i had a patio to build;)) Hope that you enjoy, when it finally arrives!


Love it all. Thank you very much.


Would you like to swap Halloween mixes, you creature from the 8th dimension you. intruderalert@hotmail.com


Sweet! Thanks for the update David. After looking at your previous mixes, I can't wait to hear what you've sent me.


Hey, I just got your mix in the mail....... AND IT IS AWESOME!! Thanks so much!


hey, thank you for letting me know :)


love the back to school mix, thanks!


Thank you for your Soundtrack to Something!


Excellent mix David. Thank you so much!


Interpol must've been amazing. I l-o-v-e them. Your profile photo is a bit hot-t-t. whew!


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