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About Me

Not much to say really. Art student. Spend most of my spare time drawing. I have a bit of an obssesion with mixtapes and swapping them.

Favorite Songs

At any givin time there is about 20 of them and they are consantly changing.

Favorite Artists

mostly whiney whispy girly girl indi- pop music that annoyes the shit out of everyone else I know. That being said I like a lot of different kinds of music and it would be sort of silly to write a list cause I am not too sure if I could do my musical tastes justice.

Favorite Albums

I have way too many to list

Recent Concerts

I think I may be going to see metric next month??


Promises, promises

2008-06-14 08:58:12

Please Help me!

2008-06-14 08:57:30



words and things

Pretty sure I am in the middle of writing another book to this mix.

Current Drawing Mix

This is what I am listening to when I work on my art... well for the moment anyways.


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Hey! I am also a fan of "whiney whispy girly girl indi- pop"...let me know if you are ever up for the side trade.


Hi Dana Ive had trouble with figuring out how to find someone on here too.But type in they're name in the search bar.upper right hand corner.Hope that helps.also try the profile ID number.Check out my profile and If you want to do a sidetrade my email is trishmull77@comcast.net


oh yeah, if you want to do swapsies, here's my December mix for you, as thanks. It's my top 20 tracks from my top 20 albums of the year: http://www.sendspace.com/file/bb209b. MxBx


Hi Dana. I got yr December mix - awesome stuff indeed, I second that fiery Cornelius guy down there. he knows. Every track a winner - especially Crystal Castles, you wouldn't dare call them anything other. Yup, love love it. keep it up. I'm sad i never got the full on artwork though, yr blog entry up there sounds intriguing. keep that stuff up, peopel do appreciate it. MxBx


Hi Dana - just to let you know, your December IMP was posted yesterday lunch time. Kim


Right back atcha baby! PTW have you seen the film "High Fidelity" with John Cussack and Jack Black? Excellent dialog about mix taping!


Hi Dana! Thank you from the bowels of Hell for the AWESOME mix you sent me. 'Fuckitunes' has a buncha great songs I really dug into: 'Music is my Hot Hot Sex', 'My Moon Man', 'Air War', and 'Titties'! Great mix! Now to the Q & A: Why are we fucking itunes? (besides the fact that they're a giant corporate that panders to what's popular and what's being pushed by the Major Labels rolling over our favorite 'unknown' acts or worse yet ripping singles from our fav underground albums and turning our little secret 'best band ever' into a free download that 13 year old ingrates can listen to for six seconds and pan with a quick "this sux" or worse worse yet, start liking our fav bands with out going through the work of 'discovering' said album themselves! AND they charge me 99 cents for something that should be no more than .30) I think I answered my own question.


Hey thanks for the mixtape, I got it earlier last month (and very quickly I might add) and loved it. You have awesome taste. Cheers!


Hi there, ignore my last note. My PC has just been repaired and the disc is on it's way. I hope you enjoy it!!


Hi this is Mark. I plan to burn and post your mix this weekend. I hope you enjoy it.


Has it gotten there yet? I don't know how long mail takes from here to Canada.


your September mix should get to you soon. i'll be putting it in the mail tomorrow. usually i post the track listing once i finish making it but right now i'm tired


Thanks for the July mix, I really like it.


Got your sidetrade today thanks! Mine should be to you soon,


Oooh, sidetrade? This month? Let me know when. We'll exchange addresses over email myfriendarley@arleym.com


Hey Dana, I'm glad the cd arrived safely and intact. I'm glad you 'got' what the vibe and backstory to it. I hope you enjoy it very much :-) Take care, Brian


Strangely, it hasn't. I am finding out that I'm not nearly as organized or prompt as I had pretended to be. Please accept a gazillion of my apologies. I still plan on sending it. I have it sitting here with two other way-late mixes. So don't take it personally :)


And even more typos below! I give up. Haha...


Your welcome. I should get it in the mail this week. My mailman is a little weird, so I usually run it to the post- office- which is a bit of a trek. Sorry for the typo below. "My apologize" is probably takes the cake on typos lately (for me anyway). It will be in your mailbox ASAP. Have a good day!

Kristina Pia

well, i guess the weakerthans have their moments - still. i might have liked jks better as an, eh, punk.


Feb's mixtape is running late. My apologize :)


Because when you leave information in your comments section, your mustache falls off... Not really. So girls, you'll have to find other means. This is utter speculation, but I believe that most people don't have anything listed in their profiles because each field requires a save rather than one sum save. I, like a dork (and like most people, I'm guessing), typed in all of my information assuming that I could press one save that would save all of the fields, but it doesn't. All of the other fields are left blank after the saving one field. Not sure if that makes sense + I doubt that its as interesting as you were hoping, but I felt a fair answer was in order. Nap time.

Kristina Pia

hey my mom got me the same lamp. and it's nice to see someone's listening to propagandhi rather than to the weakerthans.


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