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life in the suburbs is scary

About Me

environmentalist turned health policy geek, community organizer, writer (ha, who isn't), addict to many things, including; nicely bound notebooks (moleskine is a current favorite), good wine, bad wine, belgian beers, java, jameson, googling, polaroids, instant gratification, the red line, etsy, black ink, my outlook calendar, and need i say music?

Favorite Songs

king of carrot flowers part 1 two headed boy parts 1 & 2 i will bury you in time

h.p. lovecraft in brooklyn hast thou considered the tetrapod game shows touch our lives

Favorite Artists

the always-and-forever, trapped-on-a-deserted-island essentials: neutral milk hotel. the mountain goats. operation ivy. the misfits. tender forever. cat power.

Favorite Albums

in the aeroplane over the sea - neutral milk hotel

Recent Concerts

the mountain goats the weakerthans the decemberists band of horses of montreal


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Try to Try Harder

imp.feb.08 mix for kayla

It Fell Off

imp.jan.08 mix for nick


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Thanks for the mix! Loved the post-it notes.. ;) Best touch ever!!!!! *grin*


When did you mail the mix?? I don't think I've gotten it yet! Oh no! :P


It's all good. As long as it arrives, I'll forgive ya! :)


Hello- I sent off your mix today. Sorry its a little late.