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Don't say I'm topless... say the titties is out!

About Me

Sorrow is nothing but worn out joy.

Favorite Songs

"Makin' Pies" - Patty Griffin

"Lover's Spit" (Bee Hives version) - Broken Social Scene

"Old Joy Sdtk Songs" - Yo la Tengo

"7/4 (Shoreline)" - Broken Social Scene

"Out of Habit" (only live versions) - BR5-49

"Magnolia Mountain" - Ryan Adams

"Gold Soundz, Elevate Me Later, Here" - Pavement

"Regulate" - Warren G

"Standing in the Doorway" - Bob Dylan

"I'll Keep it with Mine" - Bob Dylan

"Figure" - Richard Buckner

"Side by Side" - The Winter Blanket

"The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is out to get us!" - Sufjan Stevens

"Why Waste More Time" - Rosie Thomas (with Sufjan and Denison Witmer)

"Hope There's Someone" - Antony and the Johnsons

"Leonids" - Meg Hutchinson

"Changes" - 2pac

"Something bout the name Jesus" = Kirk Franklin (ft Rance Allen!!!)

Favorite Artists

BR5-49 (original lineup)


Sufjan Stevens Patty Griffin

Bob Dylan

Tupac Shakur

Toad the Wet Sprocket (and Glen Phillips solo)

Favorite Albums

Didn't it Rain - Songs: Ohia

There's Nothing Wrong with Love - Built to Spill

Are You a Dreamer? - Denison Witmer

Blonde on Blonde - Bob Dylan

No Good for No One Now - Owen

Mezzanine - Massive Attack

Under Cold Blue Stars - Josh Rouse

A Kiss in Time - Patty Griffin

Greatest Hits - 2pac

Greetings from Michigan - Sufjan Stevens

C'mon and Bleed - The Horribly Wrong

Is a Woman - Lambchop

Recent Concerts

Jens Lekman - Logan Square Auditorium

Kentucky Nightmare - Rony's

Josh Ritter - Park West

Josh Rouse - Old Town School of Folk

Pitchfork Festival '07 - Fri Sat and Sun

Jim McDowell, Jay McDowell, Dan McDowell, and Bill Wheeler - My Parents House

Built to Spill - Metro


Currently there are no blogs published.


Bound to Meet the Sun

When Chicago only had 7 minutes of sunshine in the first 5 days of February I knew I had to move.


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Hey, thanks for the March mix. It's great!


I did get my Jan mix. Thanks. I've had it in my alarm clock, waking up to it. My wife is tired of it, but I like it.


Dan! I just received your Feb 08 mix. It is the most timely mix I have ever received. We are half way through it as I write you and my wife says it is the best IMP mix I have received in my 12 months as a member. Thanks! Arley