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dun, da dun, da dun dun dun.

About Me

Wes Anderson movies are great, mix tapes are fun, THEMED mix tapes are even better. Picnics are also fun, especially when they are at night. I like tea, coloured markers, chalk drawings, annnnnnd tie dye. The end.

Favorite Songs

Hurricane Jane- Black Kids California- Joni Mitchell Oh Alberta- Elliott Brood Ooh La La- The Faces Elephant Gun- Beirut The Mistress Witch From McClure- Sufjan Stevens

Favorite Artists

Sufjan Stevens, Teitur, Joel Plaskett, Joni Mitchell, The Shins, Rufus Wainwright, Elliott Smith, Iron and Wine, Beatles, Black Kids, Nico, Beirut, Cat Stevens

Favorite Albums

Blue- Joni Mitchell Want One- Rufus Wainwright La De Da- Joel Plaskett The Avalanche- Sufjan Stevens

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Music For The Birds

Birds, Birds. Birds.


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hey i hope u enjoyed my june mixtape!


Your mix is in the mail! Sorry it's late!


then i suppose you are going to be greatly dissapointed wqith your parcel tomorrow...


I would love to hear these stories on a later date. but not right yet...


whats the story wishbowl?