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None.I don't like headings.

About Me

Hi........... clearly this is not working as i have not received a mix for two months and i doubt the postman has stolen them. Apart from this i am currently doing a BA in photography and i hate everything.Thats right i'm doing a BA fool.

Additional....I a no longer doing a BA. I'm currently a freelance photojournalist. After a baffling brush with the foreign press I am currently perusing personal projects. And the BA has been of no use yet ha.

Favorite Songs

None.I don't like music.

Favorite Artists

garden variaty, crystal castles, polcat, at the drive in, tegen and sara, joy division, sunny day, coheed, so sad althea, michale, mew,

Favorite Albums

None as i am deaf.

Recent Concerts

None,i don't like standing up.


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Hi Richard, I'm sorry to add to your misery, but your June mix is also really late. It will begin it's journey to you today. And you'll probably hate it.


I... um... slack. Your mix goes out tomorrow. You know. Your May mix? Goes out tomorrow. On June 29th. Geez.

David poor bastard. I too have been stiffed in the past. It hurts doesn't it? Let me be your tool of revenge. If you know the addresses of those who have stiffed you, give them to me and I'll "take care of them". Nothing physical. Just a little random weirdness. Enough to cause their neighbours to cast distasteful glances their way. IN lieu of that, are you interested in a side trade?


No prob Richard, I'll look forward to that mix. Hey, you're not the only one tired of getting stiffed. Hope the rest of your IMP experience is better from here on. Steve


mix is in the mail. tomorrow. i can predict the future.


Is this a photo of where you're buried? Don't worry Baron I'll go get somebody! Hopefully somebody with a shovel. I hope that truck isn't parked on top of you.


your mix is great - some of the songs are my all-time faves, sprinkled with some new stuff i hadn't ever heard of. kudos and thanks!