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About Me

Favorite Songs

So I'm pulling a Robbie Gordon here. The question should be "Top 5 songs to/about (insert emotion/action/whatever other noun or verb you like here)"

In light of having my board exams this weekend, this is going to be my "Top 5 songs to study to"

5. "Mental" - The Eels 4. "Work" - Jimmy Eat World 3. "Wind Cries Mary" - Jamie Cullum 2. "Shadowland" - Youth Group 1. "My Mathematical Mind" - Spoon

These songs all share in the fact that they are driven forward at a constant tempo by one instrument. In "My Mathematical Mind" it's the piano, in "Wind Cries Mary" it's the snare, etc. There's few crescendos/decrescendos, tempo changes, key changes except for some of the choruses. Having that constant drive helps keep me focused on my studies.

Favorite Artists

Jimmy Eat World, Ben Folds, Our Lady Peace, Death Cab, Honorary Title, Thursday, Coheed, Jets to Brazil, Sublime, Weezer, Social D, Dropkick, Bright Eyes, Spoon, Brand New, Paramore, Billy Talent, REM, Incubus, Say Anything, The Get Up Kids

Favorite Albums

Half pulling a Robbie Gordon here. Giving out my top 5 albums just based on which ones I seem to listen to the most lately. I knew that itunes counter would come in handy for something. In no particular order...

5. The Push Stars - "After the Party" 4. The Get Up Kids - "Something to Write Home About" 3. Coheed & Cambria - "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth III" 2. Radiohead - "The Bends" 1. Jimmy Eat World - "Clarity"

Honorable Mentions go to Death Cab For Cutie - "Plans", Weezer - "Pinkerton", Jets to Brazil - "Perfecting Loneliness" and Thursday - "Full Collapse"

Recent Concerts

REM @ Jones Beach June 14, 2008


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Empire State Soundtrack

Soundtrack to a fictional story using a listing of scene descriptions I found. I put them in order to try and let the songs tell the story.

NYC/Long Island

A mix of some of the best NYC, Brooklyn and Long Island have offered the world of music over the last decade...and a Billy Joel song


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Apologies for the delay, your July mix is on its way!


thanks for the sweet mix trogdor