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Sorry, I zoned it, but March is on the way. Also, your zip code comes up incorrect.


hello. i would like to apologise for the lateness of your feb mix. i was planning to construct a new revolution/protest/movement inspired compilation, however time and technical difficulties have conspired to make this not so. instead i am mailing you an old yet solid mix which hopefully will tickle your undersides and provide a safe place in which to nestle away from all the rambunctious caterwauling of those pesky revolutionary types. "pipe down out there with your slogans and placards!" safe in the confines of your secure bbubble you can drown out the noise of the world outside, and laugh happily away content in your realm of rainbows and unicorns...ahem...i will mail it soon


I sent your april mixtape a while ago, hope you received it. :)