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About Me

I'm fresh to this site, just gave my ten bucks on April 10 '08.

I typed a bunch of clever stuff in this box but clicked the wrong thing. Clever stuff goes *poof* and is gone forever...

Favorite Songs

Some of this is skewed, most of these songs are what I played on my computer, while my VERY FAVORITE SONGS are not on my computer but on my MP3 player. So, the songs on the site are more like my "kinda" favorite songs.

Favorite Artists

It goes on and on, and always changes. One of my greatest fears is that I will become stagnant and, when an old man, love only music that came out before I turned 30.

Favorite Albums

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I thoroughly digested your mix via a long road trip, and I have concluded that it is AWESOME. Thanks so much for the exciting new tunes!


Yep, I got it! Unfortunately I haven't had time to listen to it yet, but I'm sure it will be a choice musical morsel indeed. :)


Hey Tony, I mailed your June mix yesterday, so you should be getting it soon. Hope you enjoy it!


I've posted my July mix to you, hope you'll enjoy it


i have to know â which songs had you heard? also, it's no secret: illustrator, scissors, vellum, vellum tape, rubber cement, paper scraps (that "wood" paper is one of my favorites!), a bone folder to score, a bit of leather to tie it up, and the worst HP printer ever manufactured. i know it's the worst because i bought it for my first year of college at a sam's club on my way to school...for .


Tony it arrived today but I won't get the chance to listen until tomorrow on the way to work. I like the cover work.


Wow that is quite a coincidence. When I come to the IMP site I will sometimes checkout the profile or mix that shows up especially if I don't recognize it. I must have seen your profile avatar and thought it looked interesting or new. Then when I saw that you were a newcomer like myself I left you a little message. I'm looking forward to receiving your mix and I'll let you know when it arrives.


Hey welcome aboard. I'm kind of new here too. March '08 was my first month.