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The Ealing Collective

It's what happens when you collect together the music your friends are listening to...

About Me

We're not just one person.

We are lots of people.

Different ages, different backgrounds, different jobs, different homes.

We all like different music yet sometimes a lot of the same.

Some of our mixes will be a little bit of everyone, some will be special guest mixes by just one of the Collective, don't worry we'll let you know.

So, hopefully it will reflect a little bit of what is being listened to in our little leafy corner of London.

Hopefully you'll like it. We do.

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Ian's Mix

A mix specially made by Ian for that girl that gave us that really good IMP mix last year

Rich?s February Selection Box

Not much to explain about the mix this month; essentially this is what I (Rich) have been listening to in February 2009 ? or at least started to listen to in February then grew to love through March! (sorry it?s late!). Hope you enjoy it, it is your usual blend of indie folky poppy alternative kinda stuff that everyone seems to enjoy on IMP.

Bea's Picks From The Ealing Collective NYE Party!

Everyone came with a list of 5 tunes they wanted to hear - they were loaded up - instant house party and it was a belter. Requests to the wall and we'll send you the photos as proof! Bea's task was to choose her favourites from the night to put in a mix to remind everyone of the night. Here it is!!

The Wind-Down

The last mix of the year so it starts all noisy and quick and ends all quiet and slow

The A-Team

All artists beginning with A. I know it's gimmicky but hey why the hell not!!


Who knew so many songs were around three minutes and nine seconds in length! I squeezed as many as I could onto this mix!!

Invading Your Space

Something a little different compared to what you normally get on here!

The Musical Awakening of a Boy from New Plymouth

Guest mix from Ian: "I'd always been into music, but had always lived in small towns with almost no live scene. I?ve discovered how good live music can be in the 2 years since moving to London and this mix features my favourite of bands I?ve seen in this time"

Junes Tunes

One each from most of the members of the Ealing Collective - a few lucky ones got to choose more than one. All it is, is a collection of tunes each one being a tune that someone is loving right now (in June). Doesn't have to be a new release, it's just a snap shot of what the Ealing Collective are individually listening to right now

Audio Bookmarks to Life in the City

Guest Mix by Rich: Collection of songs linked with life so far in London


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Love the idea of a musical commune....I can almost smell the patchouli and the weed (lol). Would love to send you guys some radically different mixes and get all of your feedback. If you're up for it, send me an email @

Joshua S.

Your march mix is on it's way to you. I am sending two copies (w/ different artwork, but identical tracks) for easier sharing amongst the group. Enjoy!


Sorry for the lateness of your February mix! It is being sent today and is coming to you soon.


Aha! I'm intrigued. Looking forward to it.


Hello, EC. I sent my year-end 3 CD collection of music that is difficult to listen to. It was sent on 12/24 from Washington, DC. I hope you enjoy it. -James


Dear Ealing collective email update My hotmail account was phished and am guessing my myspace page was too.My new email is If you email me We can exchange addresses and swap mixes! Trish


You guys sound fun and truly into music.My kind of folks.Please take a peek at my page and also check me out on myspace We can trade ideas and thoughts on music and if you want Id enjoy a side trade too! Musically yours Trish


It was bound to happen sooner or later!! I hopes the mix is up to scratch, kind of channeling a year on IMP through the mix. Which is probably a good thing otherwise you'd have ended up with a CD of stuff you gave me!! Enjoy


Oh Ealing Collective, I think I have a crush on you too... I'm glad you enjoyed the mix so well. Scientific experiments have proven it enhances conversation and attraction. In other words, play it often. Here in the San Francisco Bay I live in a collective as well, and we'd love to know what you're listening to. Let me know if you're up for vollying a mix my way...


D'oh! I accidentally clicked "received mix" when I actually haven't yet .. but now I'm insanely excited to get it! I can't wait.. I love mysteries.. Hmmm.. :P


You have a beautiful smile, and those eyes!


Thanks for the glorious mix!!


Splitter, very funny. I think a guest member of the Ealing Collective is allowed! Seemed like too good an idea not to do it myself.


Ah chriiist, I was young once too. I used to live in a place with many music hounds under the same roof, and together we had the MIGHTY-EST music library this town has ever seen! Nothing could stop our sonic assaults on the neighbors and on our mix receiving 'friends'. But that all came to end 3 years later when we slowly drifted into our individual lives and moved out of the collective. For the past 10 years I've been trying to play catch-up and buy all the faves I can remember.


Hi. Just got the May mix in the mail today, it sounds great! I can read the cover just fine, and I'm looking forward to more listening!