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Yikes! I'm not alone!

About Me

Hello there. I'm a 30something single-ish writer/mom, or mom/writer (depending on how my day has been) over in northern Germany. As a child of the 80s, naturally I was one of those pale, black-clad indie kids. I guess I never really evolved past that stage. I love scary movies, ghost stories, anything gloomy & bleak, oh yes, and tofu. Can't forget the tofu. If you are in the US or London (UK!), we actually might have met, this being a small world and all; I left Germany in 1996 for the US, spent 2 years in London & finally moved my kid, my cat and my butt back to <insert spooky musik> THIS PLACE in 2006. Oh, and one more thing -- I CAN'T PLAY TAPES!!! I don't own a tape recorder (or record player!) anymore. I know it's sad. Then again, I just don't have the space.

Favorite Songs

But of course! It's "Looking For Freedom", by The Hoff. Just kidding. In no particular order: Radiohead, "The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy". The Smiths, "Bigmouth", "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others", "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out". Morrissey, "Jack The Ripper" (studio version). Keane, "Dirrtylicious". Tom McRae, "End Of The World News". Bloc Party, "Flux (German version)"... although I don't have a clue what the guy is singing. Beth Orton, "Daybreaker". Hard-Fi, "Watch Me Fall Apart". Railway Children, "A Pleasure". Legendary Pink Dots, "I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty". Sisters Of Mercy, "Body Electric", "On The Wire". Ladytron, "Beauty*2". Eclectic? You bet.

Favorite Artists

This is where I go all pretentious and snooty, right? Then again, you're probably already read the Fave Songs section, so it might be a little late for that. Oh well. But can I please just mention that I really, really, REALLY can't stand Amy Winehouse? Really.

Favorite Albums

Radiohead, "OK Computer". The Smiths, "The Queen Is Dead". Trembling Blue Stars, "Broken By Whispers". Unbelievable Truth, "Higher Than Reason". Michel Van Dyke, "Die grosse Illusion", "Bossanova".

Recent Concerts

That would be, um, Radiohead in San Francisco during their OK Computer tour, back in, what, '97? Or wait, I also saw The Sisters Of Mercy in Washington DC in '99 or so. I guess I'm just not that big on concerts.


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Gudrun, I'm your October, but it's November. I'm mailing today. Sorry.


Hi Gudrun, I have just received your September mix. What a good theme for CD, I liked it very much. There's some really good stuff on there, especially that Delays one! Thanks very much, Adrian


I'm diggin my June mix. Thanks so much! Reminds me of being a teenager myself. Esp that freakin' Ministry song. Do you know I have their first LP? When the singer thought he was more of a British newwaver than a industrial electro head from Chicago. Funny stuff. Thanks again!


6/20: June CD was sent today from the USA. I hope you enjoy it. James