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About Me

i enjoy sleep.

Most people who know me, know I sleep everywhere I go.

Sometimes I'm shy, but get to know me and that will change. I want to see the world, someday soon. & do good things with my life. I like meeting people, because Meeting People is Eas

Favorite Songs

The ones that make me feel alive.

Favorite Artists

Any artist that is punk, classic, melodic, indie, trashy, noisy, klinky, poppy, hip, old, rocking, lyrical, instrumental that makes me feel good (and those ones that make you feel sad, sometimes, too).

Favorite Albums

The ones that I can play over and over again without it growing grating.

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Wow - don't know what happened to you, but you're no poseur. Looks like you live the punk ethos. If you run into Avril Lavigne, can you kick her ass for me (aka 'all of us')?


What an arresting profile photo. It speaks volumes. In a way it would be a nice counterpart to a Fever Ray song.


Howdy. Thanks for the mix tape - I like it a lot...some real classics on there, and the whole does indeed give me a good feeling. Also, whether deliberately or not, the parallel track-listing on the two sides sets each one up as a kind of comment/reflection on its counterpart (it was tracks 4 - Magnetic Fields/Jens Lekman - which put that into my mind). Anyway, hope your upcoming sojourn down under goes well and that music continues to be all around you. Howard