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I'm new here.

About Me

I am a painter. I have been painting portraits of my old mixtapes and a friend turned me on to this site.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

Bobby Conn, Sic Alps, Deerhoof, Anthony Braxton, Ornette Coleman, Jimmy Smith, Iggy Pop/Stooges, Cecil Taylor, Ethiopian music from the 70's, Beck, Caetano Veloso, Curtis Mayfield, The Wipers, Sonic Youth, George Braith, Killdozer, Glenn Branca, Tussle, Mr. Quintron, Polar Bear and on and on...

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

Lee Konitz, Mose Allison, Magik Markers, Sic Alps, some local jazz band (Jason Palmer Collective) at Wally's in Boston, Jandek, Bobby Conn, Charles McNeal Quartet in SF


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The artists/bands are all animal or bird names this month. The songs start sort of slow and get faster, generally.

Left Coast Listens

Heavy on West Coast bands...

Heavy tunes for Gudrun

This is my August mix. I was going for a heavy duty (and some mock-heavy) vibe for our gal Gudrun in Germany.

Oh Baby

I made this sweet mix for my pregnant friends.


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Hey Laurel: I'm a side trade slut. Interested? I too like your paintings of tapes, but I'm also digging your mixes.


I wonder how many songs there are with aminal titles in them?hey theres an Idea!Trish


You really weren't late at all, but I haven't listened yet. Love the cover art! Thank you!


I had no idea SF is 7X7, What a RAD coincidence!


I've been having the same problems with my equipment. I'll look forward to what you put together when it happens.


The Sony cassettes of that time were great. The painting just brings back memories for me.


I like your paintings of your old mixtapes. Is the cover for your "Left Coast Listens" a Denon cassette? They were my favorite to use but hard to find.

Thomas J

Nope that's not me, but a great find in a box of note cards at a garage sale. I also have one of Bill and Hillary Clinton when they were in their 30's.... weird. Glad you enjoyed the mix. I love your paintings of tapes, them seem so textured.


I've had your mix done for a couple of weeks now. I just need to remember to buy an envelope for it when i go to the store. You'll be seeing it soon.


hey laurel loved "left coast listens"...a real pleasure, education & bop-along mix of great propotions! i wish i'd still got all my old mixtapes, i love the idea of re-visiting them in paintings! laters sid - the rebellious jukebox