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remember, we're all in this together

About Me

I think it is a blessing to be human.

I enjoy--the sound a typewriter makes when writing a letter; rain on the rooftop; making lists in my little red book; living in italy; listening to music on my ipod; laughing.

I dislike--capitalization; paragraphs; cilantro.

Favorite Songs

right now: sorry, tracy chapman and luciano pavarotti free, cat power moses, patty griffin sea lion woman, feist mx missiles, andrew bird jesus and elvis, greg brown

Favorite Artists

andrew bird, the be good tanyas, the beatles, bjork, calexico, edith piaf, nina simone, gillian welch, johnny cash, iron and wine, james brown, jolie holland, kristin hersh, liz phair.

Favorite Albums

dig me out, country for true lovers, 69 love songs, birth of cool, blacklisted, clandestino, the devil you + me, listen hard, nebraska, the noise made by people, paris combo live, rabbit furcoat

Recent Concerts

liz phair at the fillmore in june; the barber of seville (opera) in boboli gardens; andrew bird, broken social scene, radiohead, beck, nicole atkins, rodrigo y gabriela, los amigos invisibles, sharon jones & wilco all at the outsidelands festival in golden gate park; !!! at the independent;


Currently there are no blogs published.


sister, don't get worried

stories about love, loss & rebellion.

Ingrid Bergman, Jesus and the President

the turks are at the gate


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Mix all intact and on it's second car trip...i'm liking it! Thastrom, dan Bern & The F'Lips mix are all fab. There's some presidential thingy going on somewhere in the world at the moment isn't there? ; ) Colbert for President i say! Laters Sid - The Rebellious Jukebox


Very cool to know that you like that mix. I didn't know what to put together for you but I had the cover photo and decided to make a soundtrack to it. The playground is still cool and it looks like a runnning track is being built between Shaker Blvd near the school at Warrensville Center Rd. Ciao!


Hello Allyson. I am just wondering if you received my mix yet. My compliments on your "Turks Are At The Gate".