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About Me

* you must know that I analyze the hell out of life....every little bit of it. *I love making eye contact with people, although attraction is the hardest barrior to overcome in being successful at it. *Eyes are the sexiest and most powerful part of the body. *Im a very tolerant friend which = quite a variety of personalities amungst those who are close to me *I HATE THE FEELING OF RAINDROPS ON THE TOPS OF MY HANDS *Im quick to familiarize But slow to Trust. *I love to spoon, but only if I can be the lil' spoon :) *I am absolutely terrified of the hard, dried chunks of lotion that come out of them when you haven't used it in a while. *Im pretty positive that Ive spent the majority of my life Laughing...another part making inhuman faces *I will always ask "is there something in my teeth" after eating and will follow it with a panoramic view of my teeth *spontanaety is fabulous. *I eat a lot of weird food from around the world. *I get shivers and goosebumps when I hear gospel music or anyone with an amazing voice...blows me away. *I am mezmerized by people playing instruments, the world around me doesn't exist * I love photography, but don't take it up ...I guess admiring those who do things i love is easier....im not sure... *If you're eating popcorn with me, i'll just let you know that I will call dibs on the half-popped kurnels...and you will let me, because it is my birth right.... * Knowledge is power, so please...enlighten me! *I wanna see the world inside and out.... *I think of my friends as songs and EVERY one of them has their own beat. *I am a scatterbrain and tend to wander when im out and about, can't sit still *Being able to admit that Im wrong is something Ive learned how to do recently * I play with my gold chain when Im neverous, bored, or comfortable or even content: its like my security blanket. *I still cry when I leave my family to Fly home. *As much as Im NOT looking/really ready for it, LOVE is always on my mind * I love when people draw on my back with their hands. * I'm ticklish on my feet but I pretend that I'm not.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

I grew up on the clash of Motown and good-ol' Rockn' Roll!! so something smooth will do, as well as heavy. Bon iver, Raphael Sadique, Musiq, Esthero, Common, L.Hill, Hey Ocean!, Noze, Ed Solo and Skool of Thought, Blackalicious, Spank Rock, Santogold, Eryka Badu, Ray Lamontagne, David Ford, Ebrahim, Sons of Man, JediMindTricks, Mindless Self Indulgence, Josh Martinez....too many many to mention Anything that cant be heard on the radio... maybe an independent station, but just something new, old, high, low, fast slow, hard, soft..... TALENT!!!! GIVE ME TALENT!!!

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Ashton: Are you interested in a side trade?


ah, poor Ashton. your profile picture is sadly appropriate :-( RIP Mr. Swayze


Does anyone *not* fall in love with you after reading your profile? (lol) There's a couple mixes of mine I think you would like. Would love to send one (or more) your way :O)


Not to worry, Ashton, I'm looking forward to receiving it.


Did the package ever arrive? I haven't been able to re- burn because my computer is in the hospital, but wanted you to know I haven't forgotten. Angela


Hi, I sent your April mix from the post office - I can't believe it never arrived, but I'll resend this week. Angie


Got the CD. Thanks, I look forward to listening to it, esp. the Canadian bands.


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