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I think I saw you in an ice cream parlour drinking milkshakes cold and long

About Me

I come from Maidenhead in England. I mostly listen to punk, post-punk and alternative rock - but I listen to a lot more besides.

I'm always on the look out for a side-trade.

Favorite Songs

"I Wanna Be Adored" by the Stone Roses. Probably.

Favorite Artists

Lets not get into that now...

Favorite Albums

Way too hard a list to compile

Recent Concerts

Pixies, Hammersmith Apollo, November 2013


Currently there are no blogs published.


How We Dine


Turning Point


Daphne Is a Dreamer




2011: The Year in Review


Commerce & Industry


Broken Hash Levels

IMP 08-11

2010: The Year in Review

IMP 12-10 ... with a couple of stragglers from 2009

Disappointed with Adult Life

IMP 11-10

Dust Ports

IMP 10-10


IMP 09-10

Cohiba Days

IMP 08-10a

Summer at the Hermitage



IMP 05-10

Remember When

IMP 04-10

Urban Regeneration

IMP 03-10

A Potted History of Britpop

IMP 02-10a ... A mix for Trish, employing a fair bit of license

Get Up from the Computer...

And Stop Wasting Your Life ... IMP 02-10

2009: The Year in Review

IMP 12-09 ... Music from the year + music that defined my year


IMP 11-09

Rise of the Machines

IMP 10-09

It's Us Versus Them, Baby

IMP 07-09

Future Awaits

IMP 06-09

Find Some Time

IMP 05-09a


IMP 05-09

A Clarion Call

IMP 04-09a


IMP 04-09


IMP 03-09

A Return to the Common Room

IMP 12-08a ... A mix for Greg

The Evolution of Earphones

IMP 02-09

Recent Preoccupations

IMP 01-09

Nineteen-Eighties Britain

IMP 12-08

Response to: Numbers

IMP 10-08a ... a mix in response to Ian's well-crafted masterpiece.

Accelerating Into Darkness

IMP 11-08

Breakfast at Puccino's

IMP 10-08 ... Songs played at - or inspired by those played at - Puccino's cafe in Maidenhead

Reading 2008

IMP 09-08 ... The best of what I saw at Reading this year.

Kind Regards From Here

IMP 08-08


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Nothing wrong with educating the masses about Wire in my opinion. I just put Dot Dash on my latest mix.


Thanks for the excellent Daphne Is A Dreamer mix. Can never go wrong with Wire and New Order


Liked your mention of 'Very Best Of The Smiths'- sometimes a 'Greatest Hits' can be so satisfying & folk get sniffy about them. Stay Cool


You bet it arrived! nice work. Watch the letterbox


Hi Adrian Im your mixpartner this month but I think I sent your mix to your old address so I'll send you another!Trish


Hi Adrian, I'm so glad you got the sunny Sunday mix! The post has been tormenting me with a notice about not enough postage for something, and I was afraid it was your CD. But, apparently not. I've been on a bit of an IMP hiatus as well, so glad I could start up again sending something along that made someone happy all the way in the UK. Hope all is well for you!


Hi Adrian, I'd like to do a side trade. let's trade addresses cmzappala@gmail.com


Just returned from a long vacation and found your mix in the post today. Will listen to it later. Looks great!


Echoing the tardiness of the sender below, I have not yet sent out your November mix. I apologize -- it's been a crazy semester. I'll get it to you as soon as I can.


Hi Adrian, your October 2010 IMP went in the mail on Nov.1- so sorry about the delay.


Thanks for the mix - incredible packaging btw, how did you make it? Cheers, Adrian


Hey Adrian, Just wanted to let you know that received both the April (and May! Thanks for the extra!) mixes a few days ago. I've been listening to them this morning and am really enjoying them both. Also, I love the work that you put into making the album cases-- a very nice touch. -Megan


hi folks just a lil plug here.Adrians british pop 2 cd set is cool! Not only is the package cool but the music is filled with know and unknown grooves surely to keep you groovin!Check it out! Trish


Hey, thanks a lot for the comments! My mixes are hitting the spot in the UK lately. And thanks for checking out my blog as well! I just put up a best of the decade list as well (I figure maybe people who got burnt out on lists are ready for another one by now? Ha ha!) Cheers!


Hi Adrian I plan to mail out your mix tomorrow!Keep an eye on your mailbox! Musically yours Trish


dear Adrian I made you my 2 CD disc mix and its all packed up and ready to go.Im hoping to shot it off this weekend!Trish


This little project may indeed inspire me to have more of a "mix" in my mixes. Although, I don't know how well they'll go over with the unsuspecting recipients. How would you like to have Ukranian Folk Songs, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker and Horoscope readings on a CD alongside Metric, Bowie and Snow Patrol? Regardless of your answer, I've got to admit I do get a little perverse glee out of that idea.


Hi Adrian Im up for a side trade.No gangsta rap or opra please.I live in a 2 family house with my sister and 2 boys and if she ever hears profanities coming from my stereo its hammer time!Sledge hammer time..and she knows where it is!I dont like gangsta rap anyway. check out my page to see who I do like. My email is trishmull77@comcast.net Peace and Love Trish


Second Verse, not the same as the first...... One last thought..going through the process of digitizing is cool because I'm listening to virtually every lp I ever bought. The whole thing. All the songs. And the survey says....I've got a lot of really bad, strange music. But I'm also listening to some stuff for, this is weird, the first time in a long time (and sometimes actually the first time). And some of it's really, really good. And, now that I'm into the Thrift Store section of the collection; I'm having some fun with it.


Good man. How are you? I hear you about the last stand. But I'm all in now. I did wonder for a second if I would ever be tempted in the future to get rid of my albums once they'll all digitized; but I don't think so. I still like listening to vinyl (although I'm obviously no purist, 'cause I like my mp3's too) and I'm pretty much obsessive about keeping the records. I mean Key-rist!!! I've still got cassettes and 8-tracks. Also, 78's (and no, although I have a Victrola, I wasn't around when they came out).


Hi Adrian: I dropped your January 2010 mix in the mail today (2/2) & it should come to you in the next 5-10 days. Super sorry for the delay & I hope you enjoy the disc. Ashley


Hey-- I'm sorry about the December mix! I've been traveling (NZ) this month and that put me a bit behind. I'm back in the states as of this weekend and will post a mix pronto. Stay warm! --Ashley


Oh yeah, it's a little sad. the last mix i received though, had no address, name, email, nothing, so i didn't really know who to thank/compliment. it was a little strange. haha


I recognized a lot of the band names, and knew one or two songs, but most of it was pretty new to me. But I don't know how much this has to do with the ocean divide or my own ignorance. :) Either way, I enjoyed hearing a lot of new stuff.


Hey Adrian, Just wanted to let you know I'm really enjoying the mix you sent me. I liked that you enclosed the article -- I like to see where mixers' inspiration comes from. Thanks! Evie


No that wasn't me on the skinhead forum. I don't go on too many internet forums only one (a Clash site) but I don't have an avatar for it.


Thanks for your feedback Adrian. You got me thinking that I should be more selfish with my mixes in future. So with that in mind, next month someone will be getting my collection of Taylor Swift on the toilet after a night of chicken phall and vermouth...


Adrian, your June mix went in the post yesterday from London. It was a bit self indulgent and it surprised me how dated it sounds but the series had to continue and it was inevitable that it would feature some murky musical depths...


hey, just wanted to let you know that the mix tape i sent you for last month got returned to me, so im sending it again pronto!! sorry!!


Hi there, got your 2nd mix in the post. I love that Breeders track- its my favourite one off Last Splash. cheers Nat :)


hi Adrian thanks for your May mix- really liking Mates of State and Handsome furs songs. cool packaging as well - is the cover art braille? Nat :)


Well, do you still wear your flannel shirts out in public? Over-sized button-up sweaters a la Cobain?


The artists and songs may have changed, but we still have crappy singles instead of full blown albums. However, I do get nostalgic for the 70's. I took as much joy as the next guy in bashing the decade at the time (the next guy being dressed in a polyester shirt with rockets on it and velour pants). And I do miss AM radio and novelty songs. But I can re-live it whenever I want by putting on my "Dumb Ditties" record. Much to the dismay of my children.


Adrian: The Royal Mail & USPS collaborated well; I received the mix on the 8th! Super thanks for the lovely mix & cool disc sleeve/cover. I'm also a fan of your handwriting. Hope you're settling in to the new house. :Ashley


Speaking of the Liet. Pigion crowd; I wonder if they had any idea who the band was going to be before they appeared on the show. I can just imagine the thoughts going through their heads when required to dance for the cameras. Part; "I'm stoked to be on television" and "What the hell am I dancing to?" "Is he growling; "Mouldy Bread?"


Thanks for setting me straight; I thought I was missing out on something good. I did see the Captain and Horse Face (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) clip. Yes, her mugging is almost as bad as Bill Cosby. In most clips I've seen of "The Captain", he just looks like he wants to slug somebody. Ever see Shields and Yarnelle? They were a mime couple (no other way to describe it). Appeared on shows like Carol Burnette (and I think even had their own show for about 10 minutes). Whichever one is the female mime, also had that horse-y look when she mugged.


Strange, I couldn't find the Beans In My Ears video (as sung by the original artists) on YouTube. Just some video of the record, just-the-record, playing. I'm afraid that if I keep finding out more and more about the Serendipity Singers it will gradually end up morphing into a weird little obsession. It would be strange for them to have their own stalker. And now I can say with all due solemnity that I know who Leut. Pigeon is. Having his mother in the band must have made it awkward with the backstage groupies. I've heard that the band Trio wrote Da Da Da just to see if a very stupid song could become a hit. Now I'm wondering if mother and son Pigeon did the same. They certainly look bemused by people dancing to their song in the video.


Yes, as was I. Even more so when I found out it reached # 30 on the Billboard charts that year. And I thought; "Love Will Keep Us Together" by The Captain and Tennille reaching # 1 in 1975 was strange.


Glad you liked them. I like to imagine the artists recording; "Beans In My Ears" in the studio. The engineer giving them a thumbs up because they; "just nailed a line", smoking between takes and silently re-evaluating their lives 'cause this ain't The Doors recording; "Love Street".


No worries, Adrian. Good luck with the move! I will look forward to the March mix whenever it arrives. Thanks, Ashley


Your Feb mixtape is very late but on the way. Sorry! It got bounced back but is back in the mail.


Hi Adrian, Thanks for the Common Room CD. I think it's a great concept. I find music helps you hold onto time points in our lives.

Thomas J

... or you could send me your address and I will send you my best of The National mix. readersblock@gmail.com

Thomas J

Boxer is the latest and the best, but I would start with Alligator and then the EP Cherry Tree.

Thomas J

Evolution of Earphones is by far the best theme IMP mix I have received! Cover and all, especially the simplicity, gets to the heart of a mix. Thank you.


your mix will be late for january. sorry! i will mail it saturday.


'Eighties Britian' is F-ing awesome. We are pogo-ing all over the F-ing place! My six year old daughter and me. Thank you!


Adrian: Outstanding work on the "Numbers Response", made all the more impressive given your self-imposed (and certainly not required) draconian mixtape rules. Amazing how in my compilation process I somehow missed out on the treasure trove of numbers songs that is the Cure. How did I miss that? Anyway, most happy to share song #17, especially given the alternative of having to suffer through Janice Ian's "At Seventeen" -- a sure bet to clear out any party. Cheers, Ian


Thank you for the heads up Adrian. I look forward to hearing your aural offerings. I have never been to England but grew up with Benny Hill, Flying Circus, and Red Dwarf on late night UHF channels as a kid. Cheers!


Thanks for inviting me to breakfast at Puccino's. Some Stone Roses with my tea and english muffin...a splendid combination! Receiving a tape was such a welcome surprise...stay Old School forever! All the best...


Glad you liked the numbers mix. As you can imagine, I'm having a hard time going from 18-30, but there's enough play in 1-15 to sustain a few more mixes. For whatever reason, the trickiest numbers are 11, 14 and 15. Ian


Adrian: I got your October mixtape in the mail Saturday, Nov 8th. Sorry for the delay. Ian


I really the Reading Fest theme! Thanks R#


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