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So, here goes....

About Me

I'm a student nurse, just going into second year, from the north-east of Scotland. In my former life I was in the newspaper industry for around 10 years; and I'm still only 26! Enjoy listening to music, and have it on at every opportunity, so I'm very excited about this project!

Favorite Songs

I love the Barenaked Ladies; my current favourite track is Life in a Nutshell but that changes daily! Also love Northern Sky by Nick Drake and Walk of Life by Dire Straits. So many I can't think!

Favorite Artists

Barenaked Ladies as I said before, Elvis, anything really. I'm open to suggestion!! I was brought up on country music so the only thing you'd have to work on me with is metal of any variety!

Favorite Albums

All of BNL's! City of Angels OST, Hairspray ost (!) Only lonely sometimes by Tammy Wynette! Ermmmm I've got too many!

Recent Concerts

Not been to anything since BNL last year! REM/Aberfeldy at Balloch Country Park, Stereophonics, Travis, Westlife (!), Kylie. Regular at T in the Park/Gig on the Green for 6/7 years, also Up Close gigs through work with invited audiences with Ronan Keating, Sugababes, KT Tunstall and Travis


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Happy Holidays

Scenes from the Balcony

Music inspired or linked to Romeo and Juliet

She Shook It All Night Long

My 'getting ready' songs for a night out!

Baby Come Back

Comebacks and covers

Truth or Consequences


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This month's mix is on it's way, but now that I'm seeing the list of bands you like; I realize you may not "be that into" the songs. Hmmm........if they really curdle your milk; let me know and maybe I can make amends.


Hello. I'm yr october sender. it;s going to be late, sorry. been really hectic recently - new baby, broken computer. both are workign well at themoment, so I should sort myself and be with you in shiny plastic disc form reasonably soon. MxBx


No worries, makes a nice change.


No worries, I had a similar problem with my mix. It's actually a tape though?




I do believe I may have been to some similar gigs over the years. What is your opinion on adding the Scottish Proms @ Glamis to the gig list???? :)