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About Me

I love... Music, Photography, Working on the Allotment, Cooking, Driving

Favorite Songs

There are too many to choose from...

Favorite Artists

DJ Shadow, Les Rhythmes Digitales, Beastie Boys, Michael Giacchino, Jay-Z

Favorite Albums

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Soundtrack, To the Five Boroughs - Beastie Boys, The Grey Album - Dangermouse (Jay-Z), Endtroducing... - DJ Shadow, Dark Dancer - Les Rhythmes Digitales,

Recent Concerts

Lounge on the Farm Festival, Richard Hawley, DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist Hard Sell Tour, Go Team, Future Loop Foundation


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Deck of Cards

A Deck of Cards in a Mixtape

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Hi, there, Your mix went out today Aug 5. Sorry it's going to be late...


Sorry your mix is so late! It is on its way!


Hey Scott - you got me! I'm in! Can't wait to get started with my first mix...


Hello fella, How did you find me and how the devil are you? Nice to see Jacques Le Cont still features for you!!