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that there is a spinet.

About Me

i loves me some music.

Favorite Songs

there are a bunch. i actually bother to rate songs on itunes because i have a serious problem with compulsive music buying burning whositwhatsit. right now all my five stars are jammed onto an ipod shuffle and i roll around town with my favorite mix ever. can't beat the daily dose of sunshine you get in l.a., especially if you have the right soundtrack!

Favorite Artists

umm, hot chip, matthew herbert, plaid, aphex twin, bjork, pj harvey and i are bff. everyone else, i'm not sure how our love affair will evolve. but i am loving on lots of different people. cold war kids, tv on the radio, arcade fire, ratatat, fila brazilia, the presets, donna regina, the knife, mum, blackalicious, two ton boa, aloe blacc, jeremy yocum and the last rounders, this list goes on and on and don't even get me started on the djs i dig...sheeeit!

Favorite Albums

this is starting to feel like homework...

Recent Concerts

how about favorite shows? it bums me out when i love an artist but they blow the big one live. this happens too often with my beloved electronic artists. mostly though, the artists deliver the goods live or at least evolve to become more engaging if their music isn't that interesting when performed. i imagine knob tweaking and mouse clicking and pointing is tough to make riveting, hence visuals and costumes and hi-jinks.


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let's celebrate love, romance, sex, and all that all year long.

robot tusslin

a dose of elctronic syrup to make you dizzy


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If you get the chance, check out LCD Soundsystem live. Great electronic artist + great live presence = happy you. James Murphy will not let you down. Saw them in DC, and they shook the 930 club to it's core. Heard they blew Arcade Fire off the stage when they opened for them.


Thanks for the kudos. Know what, I don't know much about the Peppers last album other than the one single they keep playing on radio up hear. It's the only one I haven't bought. Not sure why, actually. And I like checking out the profiles as I'm looking for new bands and songs to check out. One mix a month, is too long to wait.


I hear ya about artists/bands blowing live. I've seen the Chilli Peppers a few times now and each time, they've sounded crappy. I do so want them to sound like the band I like from their recordings. Bad shows happen I guess and I'm assuming I've just been at the wrong shows at the wrong times.