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Just another Bloody David

So now I'm a music blogger?

About Me

WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA THIS SITE IS! Me? I'm a Music Freak (you tell by the way I walk). Like most of us here I expect, I think it's fair to say that I have an eclectic taste, this will be shown in the mixes I put out. I can't wait to get started. I think I've just found my new hobby! - About me, OK I'm born in the 50s, grew up in the late 60s and 70s and stopped listening in the 90s. Children dragged me back to the fold for the late 90s onwards, mostly the indie stuff. Now it seems I have rooms full of CDs (well, very small rooms). The Vinyl comes out occasionally - that which survived burglaries, and the kids have had a proper education. Now I just Dad dance and beat the trucker's bongo.

Favorite Songs

I can't narrow it down to just 'Songs' for god sake! I have problems with narrowing down to genres! This week I is mostly in the sixties soul area. SO that gives us classic Motown, Atlantic and Stax and the efforts of lots of small labels in between. Generally though I runs from Northern Soul to Prog Rock to Basic pop to sixties jukebox to Mozart, Chopin and Dvorjak (Can I say things like that here?) Country, (both Ancient and Modern)and a smattering of new world music as well, finishing off with hardcore Dance and Deep Chill Currently listening to Billy Joel after Joe Nichols.

Favorite Artists

Stevie Wonder, The Who, Beatles and Stones of course, Bob Marley, Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, Chris Isaaks, The Stranglers Sufjan and Cat Stevens, Luther Vandross, Fat Boy Slim, Doobies, Floyd - (Pink and Eddie), Steve Earle, Steve Azar. And a thousand others. Wait for the mixes.

Favorite Albums

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon/Animals

The Beatles - Help!, The White Album, and Sgt Pepper

Marvin Gaye - What's going on

ZZTop - Eliminator

Joni Mitchell - The Hissing of Summer Lawns

Joan Armatrading - The Key

Paul & Art - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Leonard Cohen - The Songs Of

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

JJ Cale - V

Gerry Rafferty - City To City

Fun Lovin' Criminals - 100% Columbian

T-Rex - Electric Warrior

Eagles - Hotel California and The Long Run to name a few

(Ami Anne) Duffy - Rockferry

Calexico - Iron and Wine

Dvorjak - New World Symphony (NYP)

Recent Concerts

Bootleg Beatles - Out there on their own!

Talon (Eagles Tribute) - recommended

ELO Experience (ELO Tribute) - a bit Run-of-the-mill, although competent

Toyah (at the Grassington Festival) - She hasn't lost it! _______________________________

Not quite so recent:

Argent - Brilliant

Mud - Fun

Bay City Rollers (Baby sitting sister - Honestly officer!)

Boomtown Rats (Tonic for the troops tour) They were SO GOOD. Whatever happened to Geldorf the Grey?

The Kinks (circa 1995/6) - The magic doctors just opened the coffins and out sprang the original members (with just a bit of stitching on the famous bonces) and showed that they were still a fantastic band, alive again. What a concert!

Paul Young - He rocked! - but more in a rocking-chair sort of way

There were others, but the memory's not what it once was, did I tell you what I had for breakfast? Now! let me see....


My Favourite Media Player

2008-11-04 15:38:43

Party Mix - after the affair

2008-10-30 17:19:19


Saxy as Hell

There was this old tape I found themed about Saxaphones. I also found a list of sax solos and between the two of them I concocted this...

Little Rock and the Seven Inch Shingles

My first MixTape for years and the first in my series entitled "NOW! is the winter of our discontent"


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Wow. I'm in awe. You saw The Boomtown Rats (one of my favourite bands), Bay City Rollers (I can't really snicker here,as I once bought a Ray Parker album) and Argent??? Good God, do you know how rare you are over here? I could run over a hundred people on Younge St. in Toronto and not hit one person who would know who Argent is, much less who had seen them. I am duly impressed Sir. Another friggin' David (I was once in a class with five Davids).


Dear David I just read your Blog about music player I recommend itunes I used to have music match but then they got bought by yahoo All the music that was mine they said i wasnt licenced to own it.what?I paid for it!I deleted the program and upload itunes and have been enjoying it ever since. I like your party mix!Great choices! Swing by and look at my page and drop me a line if you want to do a side trade Musically yours Trish


Dear David Like you I have Eclectic taste I enjoy almost everything Except for Gangster rap and Opera.If you want to do a sidetrade my email is Feel free to drop me a line with your snail mail address.You'll get a new mix and make a new friend.Me!


Bears - not so much...deer - many. Hope it helps you home from a late night at the pub. Cheers!


Hi JAB. Glad that mix worked it's way under your skin. Not sure if I said in my letter, but it did feel like it has 3 sort of false starts before it really gets going, then i think I kill the flow too early. It was a period of unsettledness(?!) and I think the flow of that mix reflects that. Still, I am well pleased with the segue between I Haunt Wizards and South Central. I'm happy you like it all, that's great! Demo mayhem!!! MxBx


Sent your December mix out yesterday. The mix sent to you is a hit in Northern Ireland. Can it be a hit in England too? No pressure (lol)


i have a good feeling about this