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Hawksley Workman, the Weakerthans, Joel Plaskett, Stars, Buck 65, Feist, the New Pornographers, Imogen Heap, Neil Young, the Tragically Hip, Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie, the Postal Service, Coldplay, Sloan, Hot Hot Heat, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Radiohead, Athlete, the Smiths, Beirut, the Rheostatics

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Wintersleep, Geoff Berner / Hawksley Workman, Dustin Bentall / Kathleen Edwards, the Stills / Sam Roberts, the Painted Birds / the Danks / Two Hours Traffic / Hey Rosetta!, Kim Barlow / Christine Fellows / Old Man Luedecke, Bob Dylan, Death Cab for Cutie / Neil Young


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Hey Michelle, A hundred, thousand apologies for being late sending my April '09 mix it'll be in the post in the next hour - I've put in another CD to make up. Hope you like, Séamus


Did you get the March mix yet? I added the April mix as a bonus and sent them both a few weeks ago. Joe


Hey Michelle Thanks for the Horns! mix - it's excellent - I love the sound of the trumpet (as an ex trumpeter myself). I'm taking it with me on a camping trip today. The Bedbugs Bite mix is cool too 'tho it only plays up to track 5 - still if it's got me sleeping by then - job done! thanks again! Martin


I sent the March mix a few weeks ago, but will cheerily send it again. I'll even give you a bonus of the April mix.


Michelle, I don't usually do this sort of thing but I'm your January sender. If you like look over my mixes to see if anything strikes your fancy. Or perhaps you'd prefer to be surprised.


truly amazing december mixes, a great way to start the New Year!