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August 09

summer is here

Solstice Surprise

Merry May

Spring has Sprung

Dub Mix

Some Jazz

Winter Selection


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Hi Martin-- running a bit behind, but your mix is going out in the mail tomorrow! Sorry for the delay!


Hi Martin WowI like the Dub mix.Like you I love reggae and Have a nice Island mix Ill post on my page soon!Drope me a line if you wanna do a side trade! Trish


5/29: Martin, your May CD was dropped off at the post office today in the USA. I hope you enjoy it. James


thanks martin, glad you like it. i'll check out lighting bolt for sure ta


Good morning Martin. A thousand apologies my friend...I am very late with your March mix. I will be going to post office today, I swear. I put in a bonus mix to make up for my lameness.


Hey, Martin! Thanks so much for the Jazz mix. It's got some great stuff on it, and I've been listening to it over and over and over-- the mark of a truly great mix:)


Sorry, I'm an idiot - please ignore previous message about the two short tracks. I realize now that both those tracks running times are intentionally short, it's just that in my opinion they disrupt the general flow of the mix - which I really love - it's one of those mixtapes that is best appreciated in one sitting, rather than for the individual tracks. BTW, I found that the official Kev Hopper website offers his complete back catalogue as free downloads - - some great stuff there, thanks for introducing me to this artist!


Hi Martin - big thank you for the winter selection CD. What a mad mix! Some wonderful stuff on there like come with me when i go and the dub tunes, but why do I only get a minute or so of i and asrh hoolahoom? Cheers and Merry Christmas! - the other Martin