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The soundtrack to my life is a box set.

About Me

I'm easily bored with music, so I am always looking for something new to listen to.

Favorite Songs

It really depends on the day... no, the moment that I am in.

Favorite Artists

too many

Favorite Albums

Again, it depends on the moment... the mood that I am in.

Honestly, how can I answer these?

Recent Concerts

most recent?.. hmmm... Flogging Molly, Aggrolites, and Dub Trio.

Warped Tour 15


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oh yeh, def up for a


Will - I've been meaning to leave a post about your mixes that you sent me recently. Huge thanks for two great CDs I absolutely love them both. Motorik Steampunk is a regular on my office stereo and has everyone nodding their heads in appreciation (I've even copied it a couple of times for colleagues - is that allowed? or do I have to pay you royalties?!) I love the Underworld mix too - ta very much!


Uggh...I meant MixMaker - I'm certainly not a master! Hope you find at least a few of the tunes enjoyable. Take care.


Will: I am your July MixMaster & just dropped the disc into the mail last night (7/29). It should make its way to you in the next 3-4 days. Hope you dig the mix. :Ashley


Will: I'm your May man, but I've been tardy. Your mix is in the mail. No.....really.


Thanks for the Jan mixtape - enjoyed it


Come Robin... Let's dance the Batusee.