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Profile - Trish - International Mixtape Project
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About Me

I enjoy making mix CDs for family and friends and DJing.I dj benefits school fairs and birthday parties When Im not playing or spinning tunes I enjoy walking bike rides and enjoy the company of family and friends.If you would like to do a sidetrade drop me a line. check out my blog www.djtrishm.blogspot.com

Favorite Songs

The Beatles are #1 in my book Hey jude is a song that is close to my heart Jammin by Bob Marley and the wailers is awsome too Fins by Jimmy Buffett The dentist by Bill Cosby I always laugh when I hear it.

Favorite Artists

The Beatles,Genesis,Elo,Bob Marley and the wailers,steel drum tunes,Ratatat,the Battles,Jason Mraz,The white Stripes,Osibisa,Willian Aura,Santana,feist,Pink Floyd,Persephones Bees,Sheryl Crow,Jimmy Cliff,Osibisa and anything except gangster rap and Opera

Favorite Albums

The Putamayo series The Bealtes Abbey Road The beatles Hey Jude Manfred Mans the roaring silance ELOs on the third day Bob Marley and the wailers legend just to name a few

Recent Concerts

Blues Travelar at Jenks last spring it was cool.I also go to see local bands like Dr Cheeko,The Sherman Brothers Band and Ed Austin! The past years Ive seen BB king,Little Feat,U2,Bowling for Soup and Clarence Clemons!


its been while

2016-02-08 21:02:03

check out my youtube channel

2012-11-25 22:47:15

you've triend the rest but IMP is the best

2012-09-16 17:01:17

MTV and VH! gone off course?

2011-12-21 18:26:53

The first year in IMP

2010-03-26 16:34:33

one MILLION members

2010-03-06 20:18:13

no patriotic tunes..yet

2010-02-02 23:49:23

the grammys:a Letdown

2010-02-02 23:18:49

The greatness of Mixes and mailing them

2010-01-24 13:55:48

A blast from the past:Old mix tapes

2010-01-16 23:10:05

music review and side trades

2010-01-05 18:19:20

in 2010

2010-01-04 23:17:57

They're top 40!

2009-12-20 20:05:43

2009 what a year!

2009-12-12 19:38:03

Now Read This.Real stories by real DJs

2009-11-25 17:51:25

gift Ideas

2009-11-23 16:58:17

looking back ,looking forward

2009-11-07 23:25:06

To my fellow mixmakers( a note of encouragement)

2009-11-02 22:37:45

Mixtapes/CD a new way to discover new/old tunes?

2009-10-28 22:42:56

the ultimate Christmas Challenge

2009-10-06 17:55:52

College radio the place were theres real DJs!

2009-10-05 21:47:15

my music theory

2009-09-21 18:43:39

your coworkers top 20

2009-06-07 18:22:30

cool tunes for under 10.00?

2009-05-16 20:47:03

support your local record store

2009-04-17 23:51:15

Where to find hard to find hits

2009-03-26 21:27:02

a good idea

2009-03-07 22:13:32

Best places to find music on a tight budget

2009-02-28 00:35:08

Januarys mix

2009-01-22 00:15:42

my love of music

2009-01-17 19:29:01


2008-11-23 20:04:32


rocktober 2013

This years October mix!

Sunny days Jamming

Falling out of summer2012

saying goodbye to summer with cool tunes

Super Bad Jams

Cool Funk and Soul to get you in the groove.known hits and some lesser known songs.

Super Bad Jams

24 soul and funk tunes to get you grooving.Some old school hits known and unknown

A reason to Smile

A mix full of eclecticness!

Don't Stop The Music

I have been a tad neglectful about posting mixes lately but I will get back on track Heres one fresh from the oven!.a little current stuff and alot of not so current stuff but I think you'lenjoy it!

Cocktail Hour 2011

A mellow mix to create the start of a cool party!

Rocktober 2010

Another Eclectic mix including some tunes that maybe a little dark and scary..BUT Its October y' know!

Bubbling Hot Mix

Inspired by hearing Pato Banton On an old mixtape..yes folks I do mean cassette.Here is the updated CD version




21 blasts from the past

Spring Break 2010

Music to Dance to or Just Hang out with!

Spring Break 2010

Songs to laugh to,Dance to and hang out to!

Cocktail Hour 2010

A great mix for an evening of friends ,family and cocktails.Sit back,relax and enjoy.

Midwinter Mix

Made during the blizzard of 2010

Midwinter mix

Made during Febuary Snowsrorm

Awsome Music Machine

Current and not so current tunes but still cool after all these years!

Awsome Music Machine Plays Again

Special Shout outs to my friend David haw for inspiring me to bring out some 70s and 80s tunes!


The best Love songs of all time !

The Total Chill Mix

This mix will calm your nerves.Play before surgery,Meetings with the boss and Court Appearances!




Great songs for Wedding and honeymoons

Big Screen and Small Screen

Music in Movies and TV Shows

International Groove

A mix of music from around the world



Blame it on the boogie

Beach Party Time

A mix for those Summer Parties!

Outstanding Jams 2009

Warning: Eclectic mix ahead!

Irish Pride

For all you Irish IMPers

a fine 09


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hahaha...back to the old ways! I don't think i have sent you an IMP mix for years...even though we swop lots ;-) Usual parcel on it's way asap Sid


Hey Trish. Just got my July Hang Loose mix. Listening to it right now. Good job. I like this a lot. Nice variety and some cool genres and artist. Thanks.


May mix is on its way to you!


12/18 - I see I sent you a CD almost exactly a year ago. Difference is I am early this year. Well, your December CD (with bonus November CD) went out in today's mail. Happy Festivus! -James


rocktober 2013 That mix was great thanks again Trish


12/5: Your November CD went out in the mail today. I hope you enjoy it. - James


Hi Trish, your Sept CD left the UK on 30th. Cheers


i just finished the june mix and it will go in the mail tomorrow, so you'll see it soon.


Hi Trish, Glad you liked it. Cheers Andrew


Hi Trish, I've just posted your mixtape, hope it arrives safely and you enjoy it. Cheers Andrew


Ok, so, I just finished the mix. I am a HUGE jazz fan and I definitely don't have enough latin jazz in my collection so I thank you for that contribution. On the other hand I am not a fan of Reggae at all, never have been able to get into it despite my many tries. I would say overall I enjoyed the mix and just skipped over the Reggae :-D Thanks again!


Hey Trish, Just rec'd your April mix, it got here REALLY fast! I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but once I do I'll be sure to let you know how I feel about it :-D Happy Mixing!


Feb 13 assignment mailed to you Fri 22nd Feb.


It'll be coming from the UK this month !!!


Hi Trish.... You still an active member on this site ? Looking round some of the profiles it seems i may have missed the boat. Feb 2013.


Hi Trish! Interested in a side trade? Shoot me an email: lauragore22@gmail.com


Hey Trish, Thanks for the Christmas mix!


Hi Trish, just received your Nov mix. What a varied collection.... and thanks for the Xmas bonus disc.


Hi Trish, Your IMP September mix is going in the mail in about 20 minutes... sorry for the delay! Sarah

Hi DJ Trish, Thanks for the invite to do a side trade - I would love to swap some music with you. Unfortunately, I will be very busy until the end of June with school, I'll send you an e-mail when I'm done when I have some more time to put together a nice mix for you. In the meanwhile, keep ripping it up. Crabclaw


Trish did you get chance to send the supplementary mix out to me? No worries if you didn't but some of my mail has been misdirected & lost. Hope all is going well with you. Did Les Baxter have some connection to the UFO scene? Stay Cool Jonny


Trish~Remind me who Les Baxter is~Jon


Hey Trish! Your October mix should be on the way, sorry for the extreme lateness!!


Stop right there, Trish! I have received your mixes, just I haven't sent you a message yet because I have only listened to one of them so far. Thanks anyway, Adrian.


hahaha thanks, thanks! I am glad you liked the CD and the envelope! I figure that Bob Ross' afro is always a good touch to anything, really. Also, I will be sure to check out your website! have a happy october! :)


Heya! I am sorry that your mix is going to be late. I have been out of town for the last few weeks and I haven't been able to get to the post office. Buuuut, I promise I'll get it to you asap!


Hey Trish, Your August '11 mix is on it's way. Sorry about the delay!!!


Hey Trish, Let's do a side trade. My email is cmzappala@gmail.com


Hey D.J.: Got your "Listen Up" discs. Thanks so much. I have the feeling that you and I, and a very few others on IMP, listen to The Ink Spots, Bonnie Guitar, Ferlin Husky or even know who Bill Doggett is!! Really enjoyed the songs. Thanks again.


Hey Trish, I would love to do a side trade! I'll send ya an email in the next couple days.


Glad to hear that you're enjoying the mix! I hope you're feeling better after the dentist.


Hi Trish - Thanks for the December mixes! Am looking forward to listening to them. Will put them on my ipod for Christmas holiday listening! Happy Holidays!!


Hi Trish, Thanks for your comment - I finished your mix & it hits the mail tomorrow... enjoy and happy holidays! -Bill


Got your mix, was rather excellent. Fanks for that!


Hey Trish! So sorry that your November mix is so late. I'm sending it out tomorrow and it should come to you in the next few days. Hope you enjoy it!


Hey Trish! I finished your October mix today and it should be in the mail by tomorrow. Enjoy!


Hey trish. you're going to turn me into an alcholic with your cocktail mixes. Can I just also give you award for the best mail art. Those stickers. Wow, I nearly peed my pants. Nice tunes. Next time maybe a cold and sober mix tho, I'm loosing track of reality and my bank balance.


hello there, i received your mixtapes weeks ago but i didnt have the time to listen to them yet. i'm sorry about that. nonetheless i wanted to let you know that they have arrived and i'm looking forward to listen to them and when i did so i let you know what i think of them.


Hi Trish. Thanks loads for the Eclectic Summer mixes. Two awesome CDS - as soon as I read the tracklisting for volume 2 I knew I would like it and volume 1 has been working it's magic on me too! I haven't heard 'calling occupants of interplanetary craft' in 20 years - classic! Sorry it's taken a while but finally your mixes went in the post from London today (14th July). Let me know what you think. Cheers Martin


At first I was going to send you a couple of my old mixes based on the funk/soul theme that you requested...but now I have something else in mind that's going to be speical. I have to ask you to be a little patient though as it means burning some of my vinyl - I'll get it in the post as soon as I can. Hopefully, you will think it's worth the wait. Cheers *M


Hey Trish, thanks for the sidetrade offer. I've sent you an email with my address. Looking forward to hearing what you have to offer - keep it soulful ;) *M


Thank for the mixes Trish


Trish, you're the Jersey girl. How about a list that smells, sounds, and tastes like the Garden State? Looking forward to it. Steve


Trish, I'm compiling your tape for April. I've just returned to the country from a months travelling around South East Asia so unfortunately it will not arrive on time. It's a set of music i've been listening to whilst away. Keep an eye out for it. Andy


Hi Trish. I've been enjoying your mixes for the last couple of days and I like them both a lot. The songs flow together really well and I've had a good times listening to them. All the best, Adrian.


Hi Trish. My mix went in the post on Monday. It hopefully shouldn't be too long.


Trish, My February mix is officially L.A.T.E. The fact that I just now found the intuitively perfect final touch is a sorry excuse indeed. I will have it in the mail this week. My apologies.


One more thing. I've got the original album by Len Barry with the " 1 2 3" song on it. Now, I'll listen to my Rammstein and Ministry albums a lot and enjoy them too, but every now and then I'll pull out that Len Barry record, listen to it and genuinely enjoy it without sarcasm or smirking. I think it's great (despite what my kids say).


Trish: Thanks so much for the mixes. You spoiled me (three CD's!!!). Good song selection too. A lot I knew (and liked), some I've never heard before and some I'd wanted to check out for a long time. Good job.


Digested and enjoyed! A lovely nostalgic trip back to the 80s. Isn't it amazing how everything looks and sounds better 20-30 years on.


Great. Grad you liked it. Although I've been spending a lot of time lately steeped in the 70's and 80's; I still like new stuff. But hey, there was some great music in the '70s. Something I didn't fully realize until later.


Hi, Thanks for the January IMP, I will digest it and get back to you! GK


Awesome! Glad you liked it! I'll send more along when I get around to it!


Great! Let me know how you like it!


I'm always up for a side trade. Email me. l_gore@live.com


Hey, just sent a mix your way!


Hey, got your mix! Haven't listened to it yet, but the track listing looks awesome! Your note that came with it cracked me up! I'll let you know what I think when I get a chance for a listen.


Hey Trish, I'd love to do a side trade with you, if you're still up for it.


Don't need to send my your address again, as strangely enough I'm your regular mix man this month as well. Go figure.


Hi Trish, I was slated to do your December IMP Mix. Of course, the weather has been causing problems for the post/mail here in the UK and in the USA too, I believe. However, I'm an optimist, so I'm hoping your mix has arrived. Could you let me know either way? I'd be happy to send another copy if that one doesn't arrive before the deadline. In case you're wondering which one it is, here's the link to the mixtape details page: http://internationalmixtapeproject.com/mixtapeStuff/showMixtape.php?mixtapeID=3372


Okay Trish. Send me your address again and away we go.


I'd love a mix from you! Send away! :)

The Ealing Collective

Hello T! Thanks for the message on our board - The Ealing Collective has been out the loop for a little while and just catching up with the months of mixtapes we are behind. We'll stop by your myspace and see if there is a way to get some mixes in the post to you, hopefully you'll get them early 2010!!! Of course, if it's not to much bother we'd love some in return!


Thanks! Glad you liked it! If you ever want another mix, just let me know and I'd be happy to send one your way! Take care! -Trista


Hey, just thought I'd let you know I'm a little behind on sending off the mix. Should be headed your way tomorrow or Thursday!


I'm wringing my hands and pacing back and forth in anticipation. I've just purchased some new Bose speakers for my cave and would love to blast through the forth wall with your sound cannon.


Hey you're my assignment this month! I sent you an e-mail, hope it travels swiftly cross the interwebz and into your mailbox safely.


Yeah, we can swap. I'm kinda slow making mixes though, so i will just email you when i get it nearly finished. :)


coolcool, glad it arrived safe and sound. let me know what you think - it's a special one. MxBx


Hi Trish - your September IMP mix tape is winging its way to you at the moment. Sorry for the delay - hope you like! Nat x


Hi trish. im on holiday at the moment so look forward to getting your mixes when im back. for sure would be up for some side trades, i'll drop you an email when im back in the UK. -ben


Sorry about the delay - shows you how often I read my comments section. I am happy to send you a DVD full of converted vinyl, mostly from the late 1960s and early 1970s - folks like Rachel Faro, David Buskin, Cyrus Faryar, Lazarus, etc. I can also send you samples of pretty much any type of music - I've got about 600GB of mp3s. Email me your snail mail address and your wants: Joseph.Lex@TUHS.Temple.edu.


i am ronpa. thanks for the mixes trish. i haven't had much of a chance to listen since my head unit is dying, but i've been wanting to listen to them. side trades are always welcome. there's a couple mixes of mine i think you might get into. saw your DJ business card - i used to DJ some in the past too. my email is hdtrip@comcast.net


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