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Of This I Am Uncertain

About Me

I am a man of strange tastes and stranger touches. I wander the underground Oregon coast, accompanied by my attendant Phineas, in search of the elusive sounds that tickle my fancy. Also, we fight crime.

Okay, that's all a lie. I just wanted you to like me.

Favorite Songs

I Will Lay You Down, The Impression That I Get, Go, Moon River, Man in Black, Lovecraft in Brooklyn, As It Fades, Streetlevel, Drifting, Rhythm Section Want Ad, Aqui

Favorite Artists

Cake, Combichrist, Dill, Havalina Rail Co., It-clings, Johnny Cash, Johnathan Coulton, Jumbo, lanterns on the lake, Mad Caddies, Millencolin, Mustard Plug, Mountain Goats, Os Seminovos, The Pillows, Vagabond Opera, VNV Nation, Wunder Years, River City High,

Favorite Albums

Heretic Pride, Spring Really Sucks, D.D. y Ponle Play, We Remember Anarchy, Amelie OST, Judgment, Recordings 2007, Yellow #5

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Thanks for your April Mix, LOVE IT!


received mixtape today! Thanks very much i like it!! youtube video was good too lol xx


just posted your feb mix yesterday, hopefully will arrive before long. although i just realised that ive put the wrong version of track 4 on so it cuts out randomly after about 2 and a half minutes. nightmare. hope its all grand other than that! -ben


Hail Erin indeed. If she's the inspiration behind this mix, no wonder it's a wee bit tardy. The song selection looks tasty too. Thanks for sending it. I'll enjoy it. Steve


I just sent out your Dec mix today. Sorry for being a turd.