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About Me

Currently live in Salt Lake City with my girlfriend. Originally from Texas. Love to go to shows, snowboard, travel, read, watch movies, hear new music, etc, etc.

Favorite Songs

Favorite Artists

sonic youth,unwound,crystal castles, hotchip,lcdsoundsystem,beck,fugazi,trail ofdead,magikmarkers,celebration,thekills ,beck,sleater kinney, dfa1979,juan maclean,rapture,miles davis,james brown,gossip,spoon,prinzhorn dance school,css,tv on the radio,!!!,mars volta,bloc party,tristeza,ting tings,cursive,cat power,hot snakes,black ghosts,stooges,q and not u,764 hero,jawbreaker,quicksand,dj shadow, suicide, jon spencer,milemarker,explosions in the sky,liars,gangstarr,primal scream,mgmt,mika miko,arcade fire,rocket from the crypt,superchunk,black flag,the knife,lali puna,rainer maria,muffs,klaxons,pretty girls make graves,awesome color,yyy's,john coltrane,regina spektor,van morrison,scanners,lou reed,feist,battles,vietnam,pj harvey,electrelane,goldfrapp,love is all,stereolab, drive like jehu,beach house

Favorite Albums

Recent Concerts

street scene-san diego, css, the faint


2008-11-26 03:45:54



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April winging it's way across the pond...let me know you get it...enjoy! The TL is on my profile. Sid


Hi Tim, Apologies for non-arrival of Feb. 2009 mix. I realised last night when looking for a document that it was still in my briefcase! It is now on it's way (03/03/2009. Kim.


hello. Here's a bit of a spammy request, but I hope you will like it! Don't know if you use at all, but I really like it - I've gotten into it over the last 6 months so much so that I combined my love for IMP & L.FM and made this: Hopefully we can get some good use out of it, there's a lot of potential in it I think (but then I would, I made it!!) MxBx


sweet, it's good to know you got it and liked it. i was worried about including anything too obvious that you would have heard but the theme (if any) was generally my favorites from 08 and i guess inevitably some were common for others too. Looking at your favorite artists now, i agree we have a pretty simmilar taste. good stuff


hey man i sent off your january mix a couple of weeks ago, just wondering if it got to you and what you thought of it. cheers, joe