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About Me

My name is Kimberley! i'm from a little town called Tadley in England! i like to listen to music where ever i go! (that's where my ipod comes in handy!!)

When i'm at the gym, or walking to work!

My boyfriend Adrian introduced me to IMP!

Favorite Songs

Too many to name.

Favorite Artists

lily Allen The Cribs The Dirty Pretty Things Alanis morrissette Kelly Clarkson HOLE Avril Lavigne The Cardigans Gwen Stenfani Nelly Furtado No Doubt Vanessa Carlton Michelle Branch Rogue Traders Sugababes Glasvegas The Wreckers The Beatles The sounds M.A.S.S Amy Macdonald Manic Street Preachers Tings Tings Alphabeat! The Subways

Favorite Albums

yet again too many to name.

Recent Concerts

Reading Festival 2008.

forthcoming... Reading Festival 2009!


Currently there are no blogs published.



Inspired By Me Moving away from home to start a new life with my boyf!

Girl's Names.... A to Z!!!

Except i couldnt find any girls names beginning with X!!!

The Scottish Album


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Yay I'm so excited!


Yes it came in the week* Watch your letterbox* Stay Cool*Jon*


I'm so glad you liked it! I had a great time putting it together.


Hey Kimberley, just wanted to make sure my September CD got to you. Please let me know! Thanks, Evie


Um...I think I am even more tardy than Alan below. I moved in August, and believe I neglected to send you your mix. Of course I didn' could anyone forget an address like:The Hermitage Cottage. Anyway, on its way from the Pacific Northwest of the states.


Hi Kimberley! I hope you received my mix. I didn't get it sent until August 4th or 5th, so it might not have arrived until the 10th or 11th (or later?). Please let me know if you've still not seen it and I'll send another copy. Thanks!


Thanks for the June Mix, Kimberley! I listened to it on the way to my volleyball game this evening and it put me in a good mood. I especially liked the Sounds song- haven't heard that one in a few years. Thanks again! -Jenny


Thanks for the musical tour of Scotland. I loved the Waterboys, Altered Images, and KLF songs.


Hiya, I'm your Jan mixtape sender. My CD just got returned, all mangled, in the mail. So I'm mailing out a clean version on Monday. WIth customs you'll probably get it a bit late. Sorry!