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"...does anyone remember laughter?"

About Me

"i'm one of those people that you have to keep your eye on or i'll wander off into the woods and forget to come back..."

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daniel lanois, neil young, led zeppelin, my morning jacket, broken social scene, emmylou harris, the old regular baptists, cannibal ox, the mars volta, bruce cockburn, nick cave, the lord dog bird, sam and dave, cat power, danny schmidt, the rural alberta advantage, sacred harp singing, david eugene edwards, iggy pop

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Yes, some girls do wander by mistake. I'd like to get about 11 of them together and just let them loose at a Shriners convention and see what happens. On another note; would you be inclined to do a side trade?


Hey, I posted your June mix last week, should arrive soon. x


April CD received - listening now. Whatever happened to Shuggie Otis? Since you know Tinariwen, you may enjoy an interesting mix of Tuvan throat singing and Bulgarian woman's choir I posted at My May IMP mix ("Braun-Blek-Blu") can be downloaded for another week from


Saw your message about the delay, so I will look for the disc soon. I'm already working on my May mix. I'll send you a link to a downloadable file if you're interested.


Well done Amber! I've never received a more carefully constructed package. Nice selection of music as well. It is mixes like yours that make it all worth while. I think I might have to add that Dionne Warwick song to this mix of mine:


Thanks for the tip Amber. I'm looking forward to it.