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Looks Just Like The Sun

About Me

Live for life. Love of film, literature and music, who doesn't? I also really get my kicks from people who love dogs and are environmentally aware. People watching never gets old.

Favorite Songs

Forever and Always: "Hey" Pixies "One With The freaks" The Notwist "The Love Cats" The Cure "Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl" Broken Social Scene "Love Will Tear Us Apart" Joy Division "The Gnome" Pink Floyd "One Of These Days" Neil Young

For the moment: "Heartbeats" The Knife "Electric Feel" MGMT "Ringing In My Ear" Adem

Favorite Artists

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When We Meet Again

My first w/ IMP!


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Martha, Martha, Martha!!! Howdy. Would you be up for a side trade by chance?


hi martha! i was your assignee for january. i clicked 'yes' for receiving my mix for the month, but now that i think of it, one may not have arrived. or it did, and it got lost in a stack of mail. when did you send it?