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oh your so silent gav. well maybe i am... maybe i am.

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You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve.

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All songs are taken from compilations I own


A Gav Mix CD #4


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hey there, i was supposed to send you your june mix but i moved and didn't even think about it until just now when i came on here to change my address. is there any mix in my list that you'd like to hear? pick a couple of them if you like, i'm still unpacking so reruns are a lot easier to do.


Hi Gav Your May IMP 09 will be posted tomorrow. Been away on holiday, Now catching up with my obligations.. Have also added you to my list. Cheers Paul


February is on the way from the US. A bit late, but on the way.


Hi, Gav, I just mailed your cd first class from California - jan 5.


thanks for #6 july '08!


Hey Gav! Just put your May08 mix in the mail today (4/6). Sorry for the delay. Thanks! Alan


"oh no god damn, I missed the last tram, I killed the party again. God damn, god damn." One of my favorite songs ever, and I highly appreciate your reference to it. Nice.


I'm diggin' my mix-thanks! Pearly Dewdrops Drop was my absolute favorite song for a good while when I was 15. Thanks for the little trip down memory lane right there.


mister! did you get my mix? i sent it august first. i will send another one, just let me know!


dear gav. i sent you a july mix last week. i forgot to write "IMP JULY MIXTAPE" on it. oooooops! anyway, i hope you get it soon. aimee


Hey, sorry for the ridiculous delay on your May mix! I've been travelling almost non-stop and have fallen behind but will send it very soon.


jens lekman reference! yes!


Hey, Gav! I'm hoping to get your Feb mix out within the next few days. Was the Arcade Fire show amazing? I'm going to see them next week, can't wait! The new record is amazing.


"They say it's the quiet ones you gotta look out for...and if you noticed I ain't said sh*t for like 5 minutes!"