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About Me

I'm josh, i love music.

Favorite Songs

I have this remix of a Bob Marley song floating around my head.

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June Mix in the post first thing Monday morning :)


Glad you enjoyed the tunes!


Glad you enjoyed the mix!


I hope your mix is enjoyable. LOve to hear any feedback even if it is negative


4/10: I should have sent your March CD by now but I've been working to edit some live performances I just saw at SXSW to put on it. I should be able to get it out the door this week. Cheers, James


still enjoying this covers mix you sent me a while back. That Sharon Van Etten cover, "The More You Ignore Me," is SO BEAUTIFUL. makes me feel all wiggly.


Dear Josh Im thinking of a new mix.Hey lets do a side trade. trishmull77@comcast.net like reading about music? www.djtrishm.blogspot.com I look forward to hearing from you. Trish


Joshua, I'm your February mixidiser. It's coming from the UK so you'll have to bear with it i'm afraid. It will be posted tomorrow. It will reach you in a couple of weeks. Or in 2015. Depending on your faith in the postal service. Enjoy. AP


I don't believe I am one who sent you a mix.. Yet I'd be glad to send a mix your way (and you should do the same!) e-mail me at warholpirie@hotmail.com if you're interested in trading. (Ofcourse this is in reference to a comment left on my profile over a year ago --- you're probably reading this going ..... what?}


I liked the "Graceland" cover! Which is a lot coming from me because I am obsessed with Graceland, as you may have noticed from my profile. Also I am right now listening to the She & Him "I Put A Spell On You" that you put on the CD and really enjoying it.


Then you must be Summer 2010 (if not, I never got your mix! And I have a few mystery mixes...). I've had such fun listening to it this week -- it's been the perfect soundtrack for the ridiculous heatwave here. Thank you!


I agree that it sucks to not know if someone got or liked your mix. I have been doing sort of an inconsistent job of responding and I need to do better at that, because I like hearing responses to mine so much. Also I agree that covers of great songs are VERY hard to pull off. Beatles covers are especially hard to do, and that is why one of my favorites is Joe Cocker's version of "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window," which just rocks. If you don't know it, you should check it out. Also The Futureheads' "Hounds of Love" is both respectful to the Kate Bush version and puts a good twist on it, I think.


So I'm pretty sure I got your mix ... if it's the one I'm thinking of (Musical Tour of the UK?) it's fabulous. Thanks!


No big, I don't mind :)


Also, I love the Adam Duritz (I'm assuming it's him) talking part in the "Come Pick Me Up" cover where he talks about how depressing the song is. "Here's another verse full of horror...."


You are the maker of the covers mixes, yes? If so, thanks so much!! I am really enjoying them---I love covers, so this was a great one for me. Currently, I am particularly enjoying "The More You Ignore Me," and will have to check out the Morrissey original, since I didn't know that one either.


Clearly I never check my comments. As for Jazz Fest, Paul Simon was great. He clearly tours and keeps up with stuff. When he played his solo music, it was fun. Garfunkel, man . . . Ever go see a elementary school play that is going along okay and then there is one kid who goes out of control, starts waving his arms and won't shut up? That's Garfunkel. Still, pretty neat to see them live.


Glad you liked my Feb. 2010 mix. Yeah that was a fun one. Since I do it by letter, some mixes are way better than others. Ha. Just went to Jazz Fest this last weekend. Sadly Paul Soniat (who I love and lives in New Orleans) didn't play this year but Simon and Garfunkel did (boy have they gotten old.) Anyway I heard Andrew Duhon and he was pretty amazing! Since ya said you had a big music library . . . Check him out.


Hi Josh, Thanks for sending a second copy of your mix. I got it in the mail this week & am looking forward to giving it a listen - soon! Ashley


Thanks for that~yeah that's the missing part of IMP, the little extras a pal would put into a mix. Do you think it's expecting too much? I keep trying but don't get much feedback like yours. So thanks again & hope everything is cool. Would love to swop a mix on the side. Still tusseling with the Cd machine~ can't get it to record records & I've some nice sounds on vinyl.You take care.Have fun. Jon*


Thank you! My word! Featured mixer and all, hope I wasn't to do anything special because I certainly didn't! Cheers maybe we will swap someday..


Wow, I didn't see your message, but yes, I did get it (obviously). Thanks again!


I am a HUGE fan of the mix you sent me. Thank you!


Hi Josh. Thought I'd let you know that I share the sentiments in the comment you left for Rebecca!


Hey man, whatever's good! Thanks in advance!


Hi Josh Great tast in music.I read in someone elses page you wanna do side trades.Would you like to do a side trade with me too? drop me a line my Email is trishmul77@hotmail.com


Hi Josh, yep I can do a mixtape if u like. I also love The Kills..bit obsessed too haha. Nat


glad you enjoyed the mix.


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